I will never disclose why my marriage failed – Kannywood actress, Hafsat Ahmad Idris

Hafsat Ahmad Idris
Hafsat Ahmad Idris

Hafsat Ahmad Idris is not only beautiful she is according to her colleagues cool, decent, deeply religious and somebody who believes in destiny.

She attended her primary and secondary schools both in Oshogbo, Osun State, but did not further her studies as she was married off by her parents immediately after her secondary school education.

She was in her husband’s house discharging her duties as a full-time housewife for nine years during which she was blessed with four children, a boy and three girls, but along the line about seven years ago, she had a serious misunderstanding with her husband which led to the crash of their marriage, she then engaged herself into petty businesses selling and buying, travelling most time from Oshogbo to Kano for business purposes.

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But all along, Hafsat Ahmad had the desire to be an actress because she has been watching films a lot including Hausa films and she has come to admire the acting skills of some Hausa Actors and Actresses including some versatile directors and producers, like Ali Nuhu King of Kannywood, Naziru Ahmad King of Hausa Music, Fati Washa, Jamila Nagudu, Nazifi Asnanic, A.S Maikwai, Hadiza Gabon, Nafisa Abdullahi, Adam Zango, Halima Atete, Fati Yola, Sani Danja, Nura Hussaini and host of others.

One day, when she visited Kano to buy a Handset from her customer at Farm centre one Alhaji Ishaq, she met some Kannywood members shooting film at the centre, she then told Alhaji Ishaq that now that her marriage has crashed, she wants to take up a career in Kannywood as an actress, then he promised to link her up with one Yawale who is an inlaw to Naziru Ahmad the popular Hausa Musician. As God may have it, one day she was at the shop again for business when Alhaji Ishaq told her, Hafsat you have come at the right time, meet the Yawale I was telling you about that will link you up with Ali Nuhu who will pave a way for you to join Kannywood with ease.

She then exchanged contacts with Yawale, after that, nothing happened again for about two months. One day, Yawale called her and said A.S Maikwai, Nazifi Asnanic and some actors will be shooting a film somewhere around Tahir Guest Palace and that if she is interested and around, she can come over and meet them. That’s how she was introduced to Nazifi Asnanic, after some discussion, he told her that there is a high budget film that will be coming up soon named “BARAUNIYA” that will feature Hauwa Waraka, Fati Yola, Ali Nuhu and several other A-grade actors and actresses. They want her to play the lead role if she can do it. Then Abdulazeez Dansmall gave her the script of the upcoming film.

She went home read it over and over again but after that, she stayed for about eight months and nobody called her. One day, Nazifi Asnanic called her and said Hafsat this one that you are not calling to say Hi or relate with some of our colleagues here don’t you think you will be easily forgotten?. After the chat, Nazifi promised to reach out to her again, one day, he called her and invited her for rehearsal. That was the first time she was meeting with A.S Maikwai, but she never met Ali Nuhu who will play also a prominent role in the film, they told her that she should not be jittery because some actors and actresses whenever they are to appear with Ali Nuhu they used to feel jittery the way members of our National Team used to feel jittery whenever they are to face Brazil. They then called Ali Nuhu and linked her up with him for a chat, later all of them were impressed, then that was how she got her role in BARAUNIYA.

She noted that people are surprised how she joined Kannywood through big guys in the industry, not only that she was given the lead role in her first film and also, the lead role in another film called “YAR FILM” also by Abdulazeez Dansmall, and Nazifi Asnanic including Maikwai movies.

“I heard a lot about sex for a role in Kannywood, I heard about women or even men taking drugs, I heard about sexual harassment and several other bad vices in Kannywood. In my own case, here I am already playing lead roles in many films of high budget but up till now I did not come across the so-called sex for role saga, Nazifi Asnanic, Abdulazeez Dansmall, and my manager A.S Maikwai are all treating me like their own sister honestly, I don’t know of tomorrow but for now, I can tell you the industry is as decent as any other profession one can come across”.

On whether she has a boyfriend in Kannywood Hafsat said no but she has people that admired her outside the industry, arguing that you just said I am cute and pretty of course men will want to have me as their girlfriend. I have boyfriends outside the industry, as for her marriage, whether she is planning to go back because of their four kids. This is what she has to say.

“Well I left my husband five years ago, when I joined Kannywood I did not tell my parents in fact, before the film was released, I developed high blood pressure because I don’t know how people will take it if they see me in Hausa film especially my parents and children, but thank God when the film was out, my children were happy for me. As for my parents I explained to them and they gave me their blessing, so you can see I don’t have the plan of going back to my husband, though we have children and we can relate because we don’t hate each other but what separated us we remain secret. I will never tell people or you the press why my marriage packed up”, she laughed.

The BARAUNIYA and YAR FILM star confessed that if marriage comes her way again, she will grab it with two hands because she believes in family life. She believed in marriage because she came to this world through marriage institution and as a Muslim, she will want to marry again and be happy possibly to bear more children again.

If A.S Maikwai or Nazifi or Ali Nuhu proposed to her what will be her response, Hafsat had to ask this reporter to turn off his recorder for her to have long laughter, later she paused and said honestly it will not happen because all of them are happily married. They are all my boss here and for Ali Nuhu and these First Class producers and directors to commend me for performing an excellent role in my first film is enough credit for me. I am not here for friendship or to cause a problem for people who built their career over the years through hard work so I will mind my business and pray to God to stay out of trouble.

“Let me tell you I have female friends that engaged in all sort of things but I have never tasted beer, cigarette or any prohibited items. If a lady or man wants to be useless he can always be useless, sex or sex for a role is something Hafsat Ahmad Idris cannot stop. What I am saying is that it did not happen to me, I am sure you are a graduate, tell me if there is no sexual harassment in universities, in the legal profession, in banking, or even lesbianism among female students is rampant these days so the issue of Kannywood should not be an exception only that I am saying it has never happened to me”, she stressed.

Before we finish this interview, let me urge my fans that so far, the way they accepted me I am highly impressed anywhere I go these days people will greet me as the star that appeared in BARAUNIYA, but tell them am not BARAUNIYA ooo. It was just a film, about my colour, I am not a half cast I am an indigene of Kano born in Shagamu, I don’t bleach and I will not bleach in future so the way you see me is real she told Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa in Kano on Wednesday.

On how she saved Hauwa Waraka from embarrassment when she stole a Handset in the film BARAUNIYA, she laughed and said as a professional thief in the film whenever she sees another thief she will recognize him or her. That was what happened later and she successfully robbed a police inspector, a businesswoman, Ladidi Fagge and several others including Hauwa Waraka herself. She later visited her in their house and told her why she saved her in Kofar Wambai where she had earlier stolen her handset, I am impressed the way I acted the film today, I am not only a star from only one film as a person I am happy but I am long ranger I don’t mix with other members of Kannywood except if we are to go on location.


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