After 13 years, Kannywood actor, actress Sani Danja and Mansura Isah’s marriage finally crashes

Mansura Isah and Sani Danja
Mansura Isah and Sani Danja

The 13-year-old marriage of Kannywood’s famous actor and actress, Sani Danja and Mansura Isah that produced 4 children, 1 girl and 3 boys has finally crashed.

Mansura disclosed on her Instagram page yesterday that her marriage with Sani Danja has finally crashed.

Sani Danja and Mansura Isah’s have always been sighted as an example of a successful celebrity couple whose marriage lasted for over 13 years, producing 4 beautiful children.

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Anytime Kannywood actors or actresses come under serious attack of not making successes of their marriages, they always refer to Mansura Isah and Sani Danja, Muhibbat Abdulsalam and Hassan Giggs, Fati Ladan and Shetima Yarima as those from the industry that married within and made successes of their union.

For a very long time, people have been speculating within Kannywood, that it is only a matter of time before Sani Danja and Mansura Isah will separate as husband and wife.

Neptune Prime’s correspondent in Kano, Saleh Inuwa reported that Sani Danja is always out of Kano and has little time for his family and in most cases, he was seen in Lagos, Abuja and Kano axis in the company of beautiful young ladies, some of them even from Kannywood.

Mansura Isah, on her part, is also always on the road shuttling between Kebbi because she is very close to the First Lady of Kebbi State, Abuja, Kaduna and Kano with also little time for her children. In fact, 2 years ago, she produced a film called Akeelah in which she featured Sani in the lead role, her first daughter, some of her children and Fati Shu’uma as Danja’s wayward wife in the film. The film actually depicted the real nature of how Mansura and her husband are managing their home front with little time for their children.

Sources from Kannywood who also told our correspondent that when Mansura Isah formed Today’s Life NGO, in which she used to associate with businessmen and society ladies to seek donations, Sani was not happy and has silently packed out of their matrimonial home in Kano, Mansura too was said to have been spending most of her time in her friend’s house.

Last year, when a serious scandal of lesbianism broke out of Kannywood, Mansura Isah’s name featured promptly among married and single actresses that are into the game, our correspondent spoke to her at the time and she said, please lets put this issue behind us, since it’s all over in the media and I can tell you, those spreading the rumour are doing so to destroy our marriages, and if according to her statement on her Instagram page yesterday that her marriage has crashed, then those wishing the industry evil have succeeded.



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