Ghana man seeking wife’s forgiveness sneaks into bathroom, pours acid on her


A yet-to-be-identified Ghanaian man has caused outrage after he allegedly bathed his wife with a substance suspected to be acid.

Details of the incident are still sketchy, however, according to a report posted by Crime Check TV Ghana on Friday, 7 May, the woman had moved to her father’s house after her husband threw her out.

The suspect later went to meet his father-in-law in the guise of asking for forgiveness but sneaked into the bathroom where his estranged wife was and bathed her with acid.

“You made it clear you don’t love her. You throw her out. She moves to her daddy’s house. You go to the daddy to beg for forgiveness only to enter into the bathroom where your wife is bathing to pour acid on her. Thank God the police have swiftly arrested him. This is so inhuman” Crime Check TV Ghana wrote on Facebook.


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