I want a 25-year-old man to marry – President, Voice of Widows

Hajiya Altine Abdullahi

The National President of the Voice of Widows and Orphans, Hajiya Altine Abdullahi has revealed her interest in marrying a 25-year-old man or one who is 30 at most, because according to her, doing so is allowed in all religious callings.

Hajiya Altine Abdullahi

Hajiya Altine Abdullahi, a mother of four, told our Neptune Prime correspondent in Kano, Saleh Inuwa, that for a very long time when former Kano State Governor, Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, introduced the Hisbah Mass Marriage Programme, she indicated her interest to participate in the programme but she did not get a man that is of her choice.

Former Commander General of Kano Hisbah Board, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa had, on many occasions, advised her to take advantage of the exercise and get married.  She had never agreed nor refused to but always thought God would bring her the right person when it is time, but such did not happen.

Altine assisted immensely with the help of Kwankwaso’s government then and married off several young men and women including providing them with foodstuff and clothes, but now that she is above 40 years, she wants a young man that will marry her so that she will start a new life again with younger blood, behaviour and thinking.

“I am always busy organizing women for Kwankwaso’s political ambition, we want him to be President in 2023 but along the line, I want to also go out there, grab a young man of 25years and marry him, it will not be a shame if I give him the dowry to pay indirectly on my head, I can always cater for him, educate him or set up a business for him, my children may object to this but I know how to convince them,” she said.

“I married twice in the past, I am from a Royal family, Abdullahi Bayero branch, during my second marriage, we mistakenly took an oath never to separate, but as God may have it, the marriage did not last,” she added.


  1. Comment: sunana abubakar muhammad shekaruna 25 ina son hajiya altine abdullahi ga number na 09136207769, 08052637575


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