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I’ll leave my twin sister behind if I get somebody that’ll marry me – Kannywood actress, Hassana Musa Abdullahi


Kannywood actress, Hassana Musa Abdullahi has disclosed that despite the bond she shares with her twin sister, Hussaina, she will leave her behind if a man comes to seek her hands in marriage.

She disclosed this in an exclusive interview together with her twin sister with Neptune Prime’s reporter, Saleh Inuwa.

The duo both in the Kannywood movie industry started their journey into stardom about eight years ago as protégés under one ‘Hussaini 2Pac’ who invite them to locations to observe how producers and directors shoot films and when they were convinced that they can also act, Hussaini 2Pac assisted and secured a role for them in several films which they performed excellently well.

Hassana and Hussaina Musa Abdullahi are Hausa Fulani by tribe from Kano State, they were born about 29 years ago in Kano city, they attended their primary school in Kano later proceeded to Government Girls Secondary School Jogana, before obtaining a Diploma from Aminu Kano College of Islamic and legal studies while Hussaina did her Diploma In Kano State College of Hygiene where she finished in 2014.

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So far, they have featured in two popular musical videos, one shot in Port-Harcourt by Sadik Zazzabi and another video in Abuja on Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso also by Zazzabi.

Their films include: Mairon Kauye, Juyin Mulki, and several others, Hussaina and Hassana spoke with our correspondent in Kano where they discussed their lives, romance, plans, challenges, marriage and money.

Excerpts of the interview 

Neptune Prime: Let me start by asking the two of you, how can one identify who is Hussaina and Hassana in case he is interested in dating Hassana, not Hussaina?

Hassana and Hussaina: Well at times when we are watching a film that both of us featured in we used to find it difficult to point out who is Hussaina and who is Hassana but later we found out that Hussaina is slightly taller than Hassana while Hassana face is slightly wider than that of Hussaina, if somebody wants to know us so that he will date one of us, we are sorry we are not available because we don’t even have boyfriends and its deliberate because when our parents allow us to join Kannywood we promised them that we will not do anything that will embarrass them as such we don’t accept people inviting us for dinner or lunch we don’t even give people our home address anyhow.

NP: Who assisted you to join Kannywood?

HH: Well we joined Kannywood through one Hussaini 2Pac but even when we were in G.G.S.S Jogana, we were in drama and debating club and after our secondary education and Diploma from the school of Hygiene and Aminu Kano College of Legal Studies all in Kano we started making contact to start acting and that’s where we met Hussaini 2Pac, he used to invite us to come to watch when they are shooting films after learning the rudiments in acting he assisted us to start featuring in films, so far Sadik Zazzabi featured us in two of his music videos one shot in Port-Harcourt and the other shot in Abuja on Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, Hussaina also featured in one film Mairon Kauye where she nearly got drown because in the film they had to cross a river through a boat but thank God they did not sink.

NP: Hassana if you get somebody that will marry you tomorrow, but Hussaina is yet to get a suitor, will you wait for her?

HH: Honestly, I will not wait for her marriage is the ultimate desire of every woman, as such I will ask her to pray for God to bring somebody that will marry her soonest but I will not postpone my wedding to wait for tomorrow which is not certain, we can marry brothers, we can marry twins, we can marry from different states because like I told you before we did our Diploma in different schools that means we can separate but mind you though we use to fight we are the closest twins one can ever come across, when we fight and later look at each other we will laugh and that is the end of the fight.

NP: Tell us what you hate in life?

HH: We hate gossip, we hate liars, we also feel sad when we hear people saying that Hausa film actresses are prostitutes or drug addict, since we joined Kannywood about eight years ago, we never met or seen any female actress prostituting, taking drugs, taking alcohol yet you hear people referring to us as cheap and wayward, quote us when we get married we will be prepared to stay even in Kulle, I want people to watch one film that was released into the market recently called Yar Film. In that film, the producer and director gave the public the true colour and behaviour of a Hausa film actress, and in the concluding part of the film, you will see Nura Hussain who vowed never to have anything with an actress. He is even begging Hausa actress to marry him, because of the way Hafsat Idris who played the role of Yar Film happened to be not only decent and well-mannered but happened to be highly educated in Islamic knowledge, so if people want decent wives they should marry from Kannywood.

NP: Through film what will you say the two of acquired materially?

HH: We are now celebrities, people now look for us to feature in their films or musical videos, lots of admirers are looking for our numbers for a relationship, we now rub shoulders with famous Kannywood actors and actresses that before now we only see them in films, whenever we go out for shopping people will be pointing at us recognizing us as Hausa film stars, daily we receive calls from people we don’t know simply because we are into acting, we also got money and other things that we don’t have before now, and about whether we can marry from Kannywood well if God said our husband will come from Kannywood let it be if we get married and our children wanted to join Kannywood if their father allows them we will also allow them because there is nothing wrong in one being in Kannywood.

NP: What are your plans in Kannywood?

HH: To become successful and start producing our films, we want to be inviting Grade A actors and actresses to come and feature in our films like now that we are always looking after those that will invite us to act for them we intend to remain in Kannywood. As for marriage, we are not even in a serious relationship talk-less of marriage but when the time comes you will be the first to be invited your medium is not only assisting us to become stars it is also helping us to know that society is watching us as such since you always mirror what we are doing it help us to be decent members of the society as such we are grateful to the media we intend to further our studies in mass com so that we can also contribute to the media world, as for acting in Nollywood, the answer is no you use to watch their films and you knows that their films are not only dirty but it is completely against Islamic culture we cannot kiss or hug on stage because of money we have limitations as Muslims.

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