“I’m a Muslim, I want to get married soon” – Kannywood actress, Rabi Sadiq reveals why she wears hijab always

Rabi Sadiq
Rabi Sadiq

Rabi Sadiq is a 28-year-old Kannywood actress that hails from Biu in Borno State.

A famous Kannywood actress, Tijjani Asase saw Rabi one day and insisted that because of her beauty, she should join Kannywood as an actress and make money and fame.

When she finally made up her mind, she approached Tijjani Asase again who took her and introduced her to Adam A. Zango. Zango gave her a form and conditions to comply; she took the form to her sister’s husband and he became her guarantor.

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Today, the Borno-born beauty is a mother of one son called Abubakar, and an  A-grade actress having featured in several Hausa hit movies like Nas, alongside Adam A. Zango Kadara Maidaji and several others, some in the market while others are yet to be released.

Rabi Sadiq
Rabi Sadiq

In this brief interview with Askira Aliyu, Neptune Prime’s Kano correspondent, Rabi disclosed why she now wears hijab always.

Neptune Prime:- You are now wearing hijab always why?

Rabi:- I am a Muslim, and I am a changed person, I want to get married soon.

NP:- When you came to my house and I interviewed you last time you came with your fiancee what happened?

Rabi:- Well, I have many people in my life. I shortlisted two and I was to wed on June 5, 2015, but it didn’t take place, I then went back to acting.

NP:-  You are looking like a half cast, in fact, your eyeballs are like that of a white lady. Tell us a bit about yourself?

Rabi:- I am 28 years old, I attended my primary school in Kaduna, where I was born then I proceeded to Danzabuwa Senior Secondary Kano and finished my senior school certificate. I proceeded to Kaduna Polytechnic School of Environmental Studies in my final year during my National Diploma Programme one of my lecturers insisted to sleep with me but I refused. When the pressure became too much for me to bear, I left the school on my own. Up to this moment, my mother is not aware of the reason that chased me out of the Kadpoly.
Before that, when I was still in secondary school in 2006, I got married but it crashed after one year.

NP:- How did you end up in Kannywood as an actress?

Rabi:- The truth is before now I hated acting, actors or actresses; I hated everything about the industry but one day, one Tijjani Asase, a popular Kannywood actor saw me and insisted that I should not waste my beauty. He persuaded me to join Kannywood, make money and become famous and showcase my beauty. The day I told my mother she did not sleep for the whole night; when I woke up in the night and saw her still awake, I told her to forget, I will drop the idea but as God would have it, I was later introduced to Adam A. Zango by Tijjani Asase. Zango gave me a form to fill and my sister’s husband signed for me as a guarantor.

My first film is Maidaji when I went for the film I was not given a script in advance, in fact, I was to act as a supporting actress but along the line, I was given the lead role. I was nervous and jittery and could not deliver perfectly, but today I am matured before the camera and can act in any role with ease. I featured in Nas, Maidaji, Kadara and several others- some were released while others are still pending.

NP:- I was told you don’t accept any role, you choose films to feature in why?

Rabi:- Yes, I am a woman, I have a son and a mother that I love. I will marry and also bring other children into this world, therefore, because of money I don’t want to mess up and leave a bad image for my family. I don’t take my reputation lightly; there is never a day that I don’t receive more than ten calls mostly from men who want to date me or be friends, but I always tell them I am not available.

NP:- How do you mean you are not available?

Rabi:- I have a fiancée and we intend to get married soon. When I got married the first time I was young and inexperienced and when I was chased out of Kadpoly, I would have reported it to the school authorities or security agency but I did not do that may be it’s my destiny.

NP:- You said you are getting married soon, is the guy from Kannywood?

Rabi:- I will never marry from Kannywood most of the actors don’t have time for their families because they are always busy and travelling. I am the jealous type; I can’t take that. You asked me if Adam A. Zango proposed to me, whether I will marry him? That is out of the question- he is my boss and I respect him a lot, that’s how far I can go.

NP:- Tell us those you admire in Kannywood?

Rabi:- Adam A. Zango, Hadiza Gabon, Ali Nuhu, Tijjani Asase and most of the others, but I don’t have female friends in the industry and I like it that way. If I am not on location, I am home. So far, I visited many states in Nigeria to shoot films and also have visited some African countries.

NP:- By all standards, you are a beautiful lady, why are you still single?

Rabi:- Well the truth is after my secondary education In 2006, I  got married to somebody from Zaria the marriage lasted slightly over a year and packed up, but I am blessed with a boy from the marriage his name is Abubakar, he is about 11 years now. It was after the marriage collapsed that I proceeded to Kaduna Polytechnic for a Diploma Programme and I told you earlier how I left Kadppoly but right now I am into a serious relationship and very soon, by the grace of God, I will settle down again.

NP:- So tell us some of what you got from acting?

Rabi:- Money, fame, friends&I visited places in and outside Nigeria to shoot films. Financially too I am not complaining but, I am a bit rigid; nobody can take me for a ride, I chose a film that I feel is matured by all standard.

NP:- Why did your marriage pack up just after one year?

Rabi:- My mother inlaw hated me with a passion so she forced my husband to divorce me and he did. The day my husband parted with me, he cried like a baby.

NP:- You now act with Ali Nuhu. Have you arrived?

Rabi:- Well, Ali Nuhu is from Borno like myself, he is like my brother I am happy to act with him, but this is not my first time featuring in a film with Ali Nuhu, Alhaji Ali is a successful young man I admired him a lot, I enjoyed my role in the film bangantanba.

NP:- You told me before that there’s moral corruption in Kannywood why did you go back, also where is your car?

Rabi:- Forget about my car, my mum who is a friend to your wife wants me to get married, and am praying hard to settle down, as for sex in Kannywood, trust me, I know how to zip up very well!



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