Izala condemns campaigns to pull down Pantami

Dr. Isa Ali Pantami.
Story from Najib SANI, Bauchi

The Islamic organisation ‘Jama’atu Izalatil Bidi’ah Wa’ikamatis Sunnah‘ has condemned what it described as campaigns of calumny against the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami, alleging that the ‘war being waged against Pantami’ was only meant to pull him down.

Bauchi State chapter of the organisation made the condemnation in a press release issued by its state chairman, Malam Garba Hassan.

According to him, the campaign was out of sheer hatred, grudge and ill-will against the minister claiming that Pantami is a true patriot, performing and responsible minister that contributes immensely to building the nation.

“Having travelled around the world in pursuit of knowledge in the course of which he has interacted with lots of people of diverse backgrounds including different security, intelligence personnel and other law enforcement agencies without anything suspicious or concern in terms of posing threat or undermining the fight against terrorism ever coming into focus anywhere, the current war is just but a demonstration of how dangerously desperate these agents of darkness have become”, he said.

The chairman opined that if the minister is truly linked with terrorism as his detractors insinuate, he could not have been travelling to superpower nations like the United States of America without any traces to the allegations and or being detected by its intelligent security forces.

The group, therefore, urged the federal government to punish those who fan the embers of disintegration of the country and the minister to remain steadfast, focused and not be distracted.


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