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Meet 22-year-old genius, Hauwa Ibrahim who developed ArchiScope, JupiMart apps


Hauwa Ibrahim Aminu is a 22-year-old tech genius who holds a distinction from Middlesex University, Mauritius where she got a Master’s degree in Business Information and Systems Management. She had also earlier graduated from Lancaster University in Ghana with a first-class degree in Computer Science.

The young lady is the inventor of ArchiScope and JupiMart apps which according to her, were inspired by her passion to help people solve problems.

ArchiScope is an interactive app that helps structural engineers present a visual mini version of a structure so clients can visualise what the end product of a structure would look like while JupiMart helps buyers in their decision-making process of what to buy thus reducing cases of returned goods. With the augmented reality feature on ArchiScope, the app is interactive hence communication is improved between architects and their clients.

Sharing the inspiring scenario that gave birth to the development of the apps, Hauwa says that one problem she consistently encountered during her initial research phase was that of traditional blueprints (architectural drawings), which she said does not give a good view as to how a completed project would look like, as such clients were never really able to visualize what the final product would look like.

This she says usually led to a situation where the client is left unsatisfied at the end of the day, and this is where ArchiScope comes in. She said with the app, both parties can have a fairly good idea of what the final product would look like as it creates a mini version of any proposed structure.

For JupiMart, one major motivating factor that inspired its creation was the desire to create something that gives buyers certainty and confidence regarding what they purchase online. Hauwa says she wanted to help customers in their decision making process on what to buy and reduce the cases of returned goods and generally increase buyer confidence when shopping online.

“If the customers always got exactly what they ordered, the rate of product returns will decline, which will be a win-win situation for all parties involved,” she says in an interview with Daily Trust.

When asked if she is getting positive feedback on the apps, Hauwa said:

“Upon my return to Nigeria in January 2021, after completing my master’s degree, a lot of architects and building professionals showed an interest in the project work, and this gave me an opportunity to present them with details of the work, as well as demonstrate to them how the app works. They initially found ArchiScope fascinating, and after a brief test run, they returned feedback claiming that the app was very useful in helping them to resolve previously contested details with their clients.

“ArchiScope is yet to be commercialized; nonetheless, the plans are already being put in motion. While I have just returned to Nigeria, I have already made progress by getting architects to test-run the product and return feedback. I am presently working on introducing ArchiScope to more architects, to gather more feedback”.

According to her, she hopes to see either of the two projects in the markets and industries outside Nigeria, especially in the West African sub-region soon, even as she says she has her eyes on becoming an entrepreneur after she must have gotten some years of experience once she finishes her national youth service.

Hauwa also said that it is her wish to transfer the knowledge she has acquired to the younger generations to follow, “especially in the most marginalised communities, and for the most marginalised individuals (for me, the Northern Girl-child)”.

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