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Police arrest 2 secondary school dropouts, uncover shallow graves in Benue


Story from Kenneth AFOR, Lagos

Two secondary school dropouts who were arrested in Osun State by the police led the men of Operation Zenda to the unearthing of six decomposing kidnapped victims in Michiche Council Ward, Katsina-Ala Local Government Area of Benue State.

The two dropouts who are suspected kidnappers are Aondoaseer Terseer alias Bob Tsetse, 23-year-old and Orkashima David alias Cash Money, 22 years old.

According to the police, the suspects were responsible for the kidnapping and robbery activities carried out in Mbamon, Tavachan, in Michiche Council ward of Katsina-Ala in the last three years in the state.

Among the six decomposing bodies uncovered so far were three males and three females. Two of the females were the suspects’ wives killed in January and April of 2021.

Also, the team uncovered dry wells where Honourable John Nyitamen, Madam Catherine Akiishi, Aondover Fidelix, and other victims were dumped. while two of the suspects’ wives were found in the shallow graves.

“Both suspects confessed to have killed their wives. Bob Tsetse said his wife died following a misunderstanding between them after a wood he threw at her pieced her neck mistakenly. The other suspect, Cash Money revealed his wife’s death was instigated by his father after he alleged that his wife was trying to burn his house by calling security agents.

“According to him, (Cash Money) they killed her and buried her in a shallow grave with the help of two of his gang members,” the police said.

The suspects further named other members of the kidnapping syndicate including Umangu Ihuman (alias Aka), Agwe (alias Banga), Aondover Ihom (alias D’ver), Luper and Yaryon (alias Snake).

The suspects also claimed to be working for “Azonto” a militia and late Gana’s second in command responsible for several kidnappings, killings of security agents in Sankera axis.

CSP Justine Gberindyer stated that effort is ongoing to arrest others and the suspect’s father who allegedly instigated the murder of his daughter-in-law.

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