Cultural Library to promote Nigeria`s rich heritage opens in New York


A cultural library that will promote Nigeria’s rich heritage, lifestyle and arts has been unveiled in the United States, located at the Nigeria House in New York.

The library was opened to get people better informed about all the wonderful aspects of Nigerian culture such as music, clothing, food, artefacts, and to also show Nigerian’s ability to coexist despite the country’s multi-ethnic and religious diversity.

This was made known to Nigeria news agency (NAN) on the sidelines of New York City’s 12th Annual Multicultural Festival by Lot Egopija, The Consul General of Nigeria In New York.

The library, aimed at preserving the historical memories of Nigeria for the upcoming generations of Nigerian-American has been made accessible to all Nigerians and other interested nationals.

Because understanding culture is the basis for a peaceful and harmonious existence in a given region, society and country.

“We want the second and third generations of Nigerian-Americans to come and use the cultural artefacts in the library, we want them to know the historical background of Nigeria so that they appreciate their country,” Egopija said.

Ms Joyce Adewumi, president and founder of the African Chorus Ensemble, said the festival has been a unifying force for the past 12 years.

Adewumi said tourism could also generate income for Nigeria if funded by the government, noting that she was in partnership with the New York administration when hosting the festival.

The envoy thanked the festival organizers for allowing groups from different countries and organizations to present their culture.

“I believe that if Nigeria can focus on its arts, it will be a great source of income for the country. Not only that, it could be a goodwill tool to improve Nigeria’s image.

She said “African Americans and whites hold everything about Nigeria in high regard, so I am promoting it here so that they can continue to enjoy it”.


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