Oh death, don’t you ever rest?, a poem by Zahraddeen Gimba

Zahraddeen Gimba
Zahraddeen Gimba

God bless the dead,
Oh, death, don’t you ever rest?
From Adam to the last soul,
You vow to take all,
You are always punctual,
To the living you brought trauma,
To the dead, you brought peace, from the horrors that occupy this world.

To those who predeceased our aching souls,
Our souls ache not for your absence,
Not for your untimely departure,
It aches because we envy the peace you enjoy.
You once slept peacefully,
Now we sleep waiting to be slain,
Waiting to be kidnapped.

Remember the elites, once enjoyed maximum security,
While we were being slain and abducted?
Now the storm doesn’t discriminate,
The outer world is burning, and it burns with all of us,
No death is untimely,
So we may join you tomorrow.

The life you once lived,
The smile you once wore,
The peace you once enjoyed, have all vanished.
Afterlife is peaceful I guess,
Out here, is no longer heaven on earth,
We all are waiting to be slain,

Dying in your sleep is now a privilege few enjoy,
“Thou shall not kill”,
“Do not kill the soul which God has “forbidden [to be killed] except by [legal] right” have become cliches,
Until the body turns cold, we will remain up here, pondering and wondering, where the shot will come from.

Zahraddeen Gimba, a staff of Unity Bank writes from Potiskum.


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