Release my parents to get immediate treatment or else they might die – Zakzaky’s daugther

Ibrahim Yakubu Zakzaky and Zeenah Ibrahim Zakzaky
Ibrahim Yakubu Zakzaky and Zeenah Ibrahim Zakzaky

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Suhailat Ibrahim Zakzaky has called on the Federal Government through the Kaduna State Government to release her parents Ibrahim Yakubu Zakzaky and Zeenah Ibrahim Zakzaky for them to get immediate treatment or else, their present condition may lead to their final demise.

Speaking to BBC Hausa Service monitored by Neptune Prime’s correspondent in Kano, Saleh Inuwa, Suhailat who was initially in exile but now able to move freely in Nigeria noted that in 2019, a Federal High Court in Kaduna granted her father the permission to travel abroad for medical treatment, which he then choose India, but when he reached India he was returned back to Nigeria on advice by the security agencies that he may possibly escape to Iran.

Suhailat Ibrahim Zakzaky also narrated that her mother Zeenah Ibrahim Zakzaky has a fractured leg, precisely she said her mother is suffering from a knee problem and she needs an urgent operation. While her father has lost one of his eyes and doctors advised that if he is not given timely treatment, he may also lose the other eye making him go blind completely.

Ibrahim Yakubu Zakzaky who is the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria had a serious clash with the military authorities six years ago and in the process, some of his members were allegedly killed while his place of worship was destroyed. It was reported that out of Zakzaky’s nine children, six of them died during an attack with security agencies, leaving him with only three including Suhailat.

In the BBC interview, she revealed that initially, the government used to allow them to visit their parents in their place of detention in Abuja, but since the case was clearly that of the Kaduna State Government, Zakzaky and his wife have since been moved to a prison and it is no longer easy now to visit them like before. Even though both Zakzaky himself and his wife are aged weak and sick, there is no immediate sign to show that they may be released any time soon.

Already, Neptune Prime can report that his lawyers may contemplate dragging the Buhari and El-Rufai administration to the international court of justice after their tenure to seek compensation and order release to the IMN leader and if possible secure relief to prosecute them.


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