Young entrepreneur in Borno names aircraft after Gov. Zulum


Engineer Isaac Balami, a young Borno State entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 7star Global Airline, has named one of his fleets of new passenger aircraft after the Borno State Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum.

The airline is currently putting touches on reshaping the air operations in Nigeria. It was given a license to operate both passenger and cargo fleets.

The young CEO’s associates described the move by Balami as giving honour to a man who chose to pitch a tent in governance with the common man. He also said that Engineer Isaac’s actions go a long way in showing that Professor Babagana Zulum’s style of leadership is appreciated not only by the people who are living currently in the state but also by those who, though living outside the state, have come to appreciate the uncommon vision of the Borno State Governor.

In a statement by a stakeholder and a politician in southern Borno, Alhaji Yusuf Adamu, he said: “Engineer Isaac Balami is one of Borno’s young generation that are making waves in their chosen field. I know a few of them who are making the state proud in their chosen career today. We are proud of him and this decision to name one of his fleets after the governor. Personally, I think the governor deserves this recognition.”

Isaac Balami has been a young man with a vision. According to him, if other youths see the good of the governor as regards his commitment to Borno State and decide to honour him, then Zulum will have his name on every page in the books of history”, he added.

Mr Adamu said: “I really feel happy about this because, for a while, we have tried to appreciate the governor in our own little way despite how others may have seen our position as politicians in the corridor of power. But coming from an entrepreneur and a young man who sees the need, goes a long way to show that, all the accolades being poured on Professor Babagana Umara Zulum is not about politics but the reality of things that the people of Borno State saw in their governor”.

“Mr Isaac Balami has taken a bold step in his quest to steer young men who are into entrepreneurship from Borno to begin to see their ability to turn their dreams into reality. With a positive attitude towards everything he set his mind to achieve, he remains one of the few youths who are also changing the aviation industry”, Alhaji added.

He said: “The aircraft is brand new and the 7stars Global Airline is indeed going to be global because the CEO as I know him is a spirited person who is vibrant in all the positions he contested for and won as an airliner. He has this massive idea that always makes people around him feel the possibilities are crystal and it always was crystal.”

Mr Samaila Ayuba (Kojak), a man who described him as the power behind all his ideas said, “Mr Isaac has been around every developmental idea and tries his hands on everything. His humility and approach to life and in dealing with both the old and young around him make him unique”, he pointed out.

“As the high and mighty wish Engineer Isaac Balami well, the decision to name one of the carriers in the 7Stars Global Airline series after Professor Banagana Umara Zulum may also be a good omen for the young company”, he said.


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