Why I am desperate to get married – Kannywood actress, Fati Baffa Bararoji

Fati Baffa Bararoji
Fati Baffa Bararoji

Fati Baffa Bararoji is one of the pioneer members of the Kano famous Hausa Film Industry known as Kannywood, but when this beautiful actress was no longer getting many roles from directors and producers, she decided to venture into Film Production by herself. After which she produced two films “Bakar Tukunya” and “Jan Ido”. She went underground and was only seen rarely on occasions organized by the stakeholders of the industry. Then three years ago, she sent out text messages to friends and associates intimating them of her marriage which will come up very soon though she did not disclose the identity of the groom to be.

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After three years and nothing was heard of Fati Baffa, Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa recently traced her to their fagge family house in Kano metropolis and had an exclusive interview with her where she talked about her disappointments, love life, future plans and where she decided to diversify her businesses by venturing into contracts and estate management.


Neptune Prime: Fati, I visited your restaurant which you named Bararoji on Zoo Road thrice yesterday, but I was told it is only in your family house that I will meet you, now that I am here, can you tell us why you decided to disappear from the public’s face?

Fati: Well, I have many reasons why I decided to be very scarce. I travel a lot these days especially to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and India to buy ready-made soft wears including shoes and jewellery to come and sell in Kano and the other Northern States. As for the film, after I produced Bakar Tukunya and Jan Ido, I tried to continue in the industry, to play my normal role of acting but I discovered that lots of things have changed, it is now free for all industry where those that have no experience but because they can compromise their body are now getting upper hand than we that started from the scratch.

NP: How old are you now, and I discovered that most of those you started acting together are now married or have retired from the industry, you are beautiful, lovely and friendly, why are you still single?

Fati: Well, like you rightly said, I am single, I am also beautiful and lovely and let me also add that I am deeply religious. Let me use your medium to call on my fans to pray for me because actually, I am desperate to get married and bear children. I am above 30-years-old and as a Muslim lady, even my parents are worried that I am still single, but in our society, it is not normal for a lady to propose to somebody they are into a relationship with. Good looking guys and even rich men have been toasting me severally but the issue is anytime they invite me out, they will after entertaining me, either ask me to go to their guest houses or hotel to while away but if you see a man and a woman, the next person is SATAN. As an indigene of Kano State, if you see me coming out of somebody’s guest house or hotel, you will instantly conclude that I have gone there to mess up. This is the reason why even in my restaurant if you go there, you hardly see me because I am aware some people use to go there to have the opportunity to invite me out. I don’t know why people are thinking that we ladies in Kannywood are either cheap or with a small amount, we can zip down for any idiot.

NP: Finally, you are prettier than most ladies I met in Kannywood but some of them are riding big cars or have bought houses yet you are still staying in a family house, are you stingy with your body?

Fati: I have my own houses in Janbulo, I have more than one car. I am comfortable by any standard, I don’t have to be displaying what I have or be telling people on the pages of newspapers how rich I am, all I want now is to get a God fearing person to marry me.


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