41 million people risk severe starvation in 2021 – WFP


As some nation’s economic situations rise and dwindle now and then, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) warned that an estimated 41 million people worldwide are at imminent risk of severe famine,

So far, half a million people are already experiencing famine-like conditions, who cannot afford a full meal a day. WFP’s Executive Director, David made this known earlier this week.

WFP further warned that soaring prices for basic foodstuffs in different parts of the world, most especially African countries are compounding already existing pressure on food security.

“We now have four countries which we are observing. Meanwhile, 41 million people are literally knocking on famine’s door,” Beasley revealed.

As the WFP gets funded entirely by voluntary donations, it’s now very necessary for WFP to raise $6 billion immediately to reach those at risk of hunger, in 43 countries.

“We need funding and we need it now,” Beasley stressed.

Though hunger has declined in the past decades, the percentage of people starving had been on the rise since 2016. Experts reveal the rise in hunger is driven by several conflicts and climate changes ravaging society.

Already in 2019, 27 million people lack good food to eat, WFP said since 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has been adding to the list of people that cannot afford a daily meal.

WTF disclosed that factors such as currency depreciation in countries like Lebanon, Nigeria, Sudan, Venezuela and Zimbabwe are adding to these pressures and driving food prices even higher.

Famine-like conditions are present this year in Ethiopia, Madagascar, South Sudan and Yemen, as well as in some parts of Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

In Somalia by 2011, a total of 130,000 people died from the eventual toll brought upon by extreme starvation.

The WFP, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year, says around 9 per cent of the world’s population, equivalent to nearly 690 million people, go to bed hungry each night.


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