Buhari needs help, by Jide Benson

Jide Benson
Jide Benson

I just passed by the Mobolaji Johnson train station at Yaba which has just been opened by the president.

It is a beautiful building with the right appeal. It speaks volumes about efforts to make some progress in the area of mass transportation.

Sadly, the President’s visit to Lagos for the opening of the station was overshadowed by grumbling and associated discomfort in commuting whenever there is a VIP visit, especially in Lagos.

The edifice shows that some good thinking went into its construction. It’s a poster child that can be paraded as an achievement by the government.

Sadly again, this and any other achievements by the Buhari government appear too pale into insignificance because of the dominant issues of insecurity.

In addition, the president’s arms akimbo approach haven’t helped him, his government and his party to sway public opinion that despite the serious and overwhelming security challenges, some work is going on in other areas.

The efforts in the rail sector are similar to those in the aviation sector with the remodelling and rebuilding of airports in some cities.

In the build-up to the opening of Yaba Train Station, a thinking, creative and strategic Presidential media team ought to have deployed efforts to highlight the very many positives of the epoch-making event on some platforms.

Social and traditional media ought to have been abuzz with the associated benefits.

Having missed such a golden opportunity, the media team of the president needs a rejig.

One of the many spokespersons of the president once said that it’s not the style of his principal to talk often. It, therefore, means that it should be the style and work of the media handlers to do the talking by making a song and dance of every little achievement of their principal rather than dissipating energy on tackling real and perceived opponents.

The president needs help. His apparent aloofness on the palpable state of insecurity is what currently defines him and his presidency.

There’s an urgent need to sway the barometer of his reputation and such should be done with the fierce urgency of now.

Jide Benson, a Public Relations Practitioner, writes from Lagos and can be reached via e-mail at jidebenson@gmail.com.


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