Greece give cash rewards to youths vaccinated against coronavirus


In Greece, young people get cash rewards for accepting the coronavirus vaccine. A 150 euros ($ 179) charge card is given to all those who avail themselves to be vaccinated.

Prime Minister Kyriakos made the announcement on Monday after the exercise was open to approximately 940,000 people aged 18 to 25 in the country.

So far, the government has set aside 141 million Euros for the exercise. So, not only will the youths benefit from the protection against the virus, but will also enjoy payment cards once they get vaccinated.

Greece hopes the money can be used for hotel reservations, ferry tickets, plane tickets, museum visits, and concerts.

Mitsotakis said they intend to have 60% of Greece’s 11 million population vaccinated by the end of July this year.

This move is the government’s efforts to attract as many young people that will receive the vaccination as possible.

It is also an appreciative gesture to young people who have shown great interest in public health, by having the patience, practising social distancing during the pandemic in order to halt the spread of the Coronavirus.

Mitsotakis, however, advised that as people go to enjoy the money received, they should still observe the Covid precautionary measures.

“Young people may think they won’t get the coronavirus or if they do, they think they won’t get very sick, but then they are carriers of the virus and contribute to its spread,” he added.


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