I am a die-hard supporter of Gov. Umar Ganduje, PMB – Rashida Adamu

Rashida Adamu
Rashida Adamu

Hajiya Rashida Adamu is an indigene of Kano State. Rashida who is 35-years-old attended nursery, primary, secondary and obtained a diploma from Aminu Kano College of Legal and Islamic Studies before obtaining admission to study a degree in Arabic in a university in Sudan in which she is about to graduate.

Rashida is not only beautiful but humble and friendly and rich. She owns a multimillion naira farmhouse in Kano where she is in the business of animal rearing and rice farming for several years. She is also the sole owner of RD Mai Sa’a International a film production company based in Kano, she is also engaged in buying and selling software, jewellery and other assorted goods.

The 35-year-old beautiful society lady is a die-hard supporter of Kano State Governor, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, and President Muhammadu Buhari, while in Kano they will work hard for Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to go to the senate after his second term.
Hajiya Rashida Abdullahi Adamu spoke with Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa, on Monday in her office in Kano, she took her time in spite of her busy schedule to grant a comprehensive interview to Neptune Prime.

Excerpts of the interview

NP: Congratulations on your appointment. Some are saying you are a special adviser on films others are saying on special duties. Which one is the correct one?

Rashida: First let me thank his Excellency Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje for finding me fit to serve in his government as an adviser for Women Affairs, this office I can tell you is very challenging as you are aware anything to do with women is not easy, if you bring red, they will say they want blue, if you bring blue they will say oh! They prefer green. So my job here is not easy but Thank God we are doing our best to serve Kano women and improve their condition of living.

NP: Some are saying your new appointment will affect your businesses. What do you intend to gain here?

Rashida: For Kano State Governor to call me among millions of women in Kano to come and occupy this position this alone is more than a gold medal to me, apart from that, my present position is not affecting my businesses, my film production company is still running, my shops are still functional and I also find time especially during weekends to do other businesses including featuring in films so honestly for one to say that I will lose financially is to say the opposite.

NP: Some people are saying you are not qualified to hold this office, are you prepared for this job?

Rashida: First I campaigned hard for the Governor virtually no political rallies that took place in all the local governments that I did not attend. I spent my resources, energy and time campaigning for the Governor thank God we have won the election, on my qualification, I attended nursery, primary, secondary, a diploma from the College of Legal Studies and in the next 6 month, I will graduate from the University of Sudan in Arabic, as my discipline, I do go there and also study online, I have been to many countries, China, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia in fact, I am more than qualified to occupy this office, but of course my enemies may not want to see me here.

NP: You are a 35-year-old, rich, beautiful and humble lady, why are you still single?

Rashida: Long laughter, she paused and said well honestly I am praying hard so that God will bring somebody who is real religiously committed caring and frank to marry me like you said I am successful in life, my father also left some resources for me or for us, I have a farmhouse rearing animals and rice farming for over ten years. I am into acting and film production so honestly one can say I have partially achieved what one suppose to achieve to be comfortable, next is to settle down and get my own children but I have a class, I am not cheap, I don’t take no for an answer and I hate lazy people.

NP: Sometimes ago, you are seen carrying a baby boy and you are not married, tell us about the child?

Rashida: It is true I adopted a boy that was abandoned on the street by a wicked and un-known mother, the boy was discovered by the adviser to the Governor on welfare and charity so when I was told of this, I decided to adopt the boy on his naming ceremony I got a donation of over five rams. I am doing this because of God, if you know Hadiza Aliyu Gabon, she also recently adopted a baby girl from the orphanage so is what I did. It is not new, it is only in the North that people look at this as strange, if I get married I want God also to bless me with my own children they will leave peacefully with this one.

NP: Is it true that when Ganduje appointed Ismail Na Abba Afakallah as executive director, Kano State films and censorship board that you wrote a petition to the Governor Challenging the appointment?

Rashida: Honestly, I am hearing this for the first time Afakallah is like my brother, we are from the same area, same local government all of us are from Kannywood I never complain over his appointment.

NP: Some people are saying the way you dress so gorgeously in gold running to millions of naira all over your body is intimidating men from asking your hand in marriage.

Rashida: Well that is their problem if I work hard to earn my money and I am enjoying it and somebody is afraid to approach me then he is not man enough to be my husband, I am simple, humble and plain.


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