My body is meant for my husband only – Kannywood actress, Yaseera Babangida Zubairu Yola

Yaseera Babangida Zubairu Yola
Yaseera Babangida Zubairu Yola

Yaseera Babangida Zubairu Yola is a 26-year-old, slim, cute, beautiful and friendly lady. She was born in Yola, Adamawa State. She attended her primary school and proceeded to Girls Secondary School Yola, later, she obtained a diploma in Mass Communication and secured a Job in Gotel Radio owned by former Vice President Atiku Abubakar also in Yola.

Along the line, when she was practicing Journalism, she met Al-Rahus, Ali Gumzak, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq, and a host of other Kannywood members, at Gotel Radio and she was invited by African Peer Review Mechanism for her to be their field and monitoring officer of their projects scattered all over the state.

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Because the Job was too demanding, she took the African Peer Review Mechanism Job full time and started writing scripts and programmes which they used to air at Fombina Radio. She also used to present the programmes and also interview beneficiaries.

But when the unfortunate Boko Haram Crisis started, which affected almost all parts of North east she fled to Kano to stay with her father’s sister, in Kano. She had no job doing as such she decided to explore her contacts with some stakeholders in Kannywood and the first person she met was Ishaq Sidi Ishaq who assisted her to start acting. First she started with Television series, her second project was also Television series and the third project also, that is why she is still engaged in most of the series which are yet to be on Television. Like the one being sponsored by Dadinkowa Television, she also featured in several Hausa films like Kujerar Wuta, and adventure film in which she had to climb rope five times and was subjected to run into a very deep water for a long distance in fact first of its kind in Kannywood a very difficult role for a woman to do.

Yaseera though a Fulani Lady and from a religious family, said at the age of 26 that she is not thinking of marriage. In fact because of that, she does not even have a boyfriend, she said she wants to go back to the University and get a university degree and later continue with her acting career for a long time to come. In fact she intends to be in acting until when she becomes successful and a household name before getting married even now she is involved in Nura Inuwa’s musical album as a backup artist.

This Fulani beauty insisted that most of the things people are saying about the waywardness of Kannywood actresses are not true because since she joined Kannywood she did not notice all these. Of course even those that engage in bad social vices like drinking and womanizing do so at their leisure time because when you go for shooting all of you are lodged in a hotel, you go out to eat together and during shooting, all crew members will be watching so there is no opportunity for one to even misbehave.

As for acting in Nollywood she said if the opportunity comes up, she will do it because she speaks English fluently. She is now matured to interpret any script but she can only appear in an adventure film or even love films that will not involve kissing or hugging each other. That she cannot do for any prize because one’s body is meant for his husband or wife.

On whether because of her beauty, and tender age, men are not disturbing her in Kannywood for a relationship, she confessed that everyday, different guys in and outside Kannywood used to approach her for a relationship or to have her number so that they can communicate but she always turn them down because that is not her priority in-fact she has only one female friend in Kannywood.

Similarly, she said that even if she graduated she will still prefer to be an actress because she enjoys meeting other actors and actresses that before now, she only watched them on movies. Secondly, this is a profession that immediately you are given an offer to act, you will collect your payment before work commence and like a salary worker, who is always counting days, for month to end before getting his or her salary, here you are always in money because some producers will even pay you for a film that will start in a months to come.


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