My happiest day was when I was nominated to play the lead role in “Labarina” – Kannywood actress, Maryam Wazeery

Maryam Wazeery
Maryam Wazeery

Maryam Wazeery born on 9th November 1992 hails from Gombe State. She attended her primary and secondary school in Gombe State before proceeding to the University of Maiduguri for her degree programme which she has since finish and started her Master’s Degree.

Maryam joined Kannywood in 2015 when she featured in the film “Muguwar Mace” and since then, she has become a household name within the Kannywood industry. So far, she featured in more than 40 successful films, but the Arewa 24 “Labarina” Hausa film series which she is playing the lead role alongside Nafisa Abdullahi is all she needs to become an instant celebrity.

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Recently, Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa, traced her to one of the locations they are shooting “Labarina” in Kano and interviewed her. She spoke about her education, challenges in Kannywood, marriage and her financial standing as a celebrity, in fact, she is one of the highest-paid actress today in Kannywood.


Neptune Prime: Maryam, let me congratulate you on the fantastic role you are playing in “Labarina”. You are not only beautiful, but you are also the type of actress that can fit very well in any film that wants to hit the ultimate success.

Maryam: Thank you very much for your compliment. I am very much aware of how God created me but that does not mean I should be arrogant or pompous. I am now pursuing my second degree at the University of Maiduguri. I shuttle between Maiduguri and Kano to keep fate with the Labarina series. It is a film that was seriously handled by producers and directors who took their time to give their viewers the best, so you can see that there is no way I can disappoint them after all, it is also an opportunity for me to prove my talents the more.

NP: Is it true that you are from Gombe State and Tangale by tribe?

Maryam: Yes, I am from Gombe State, and Tangale by tribe and I am very proud of that. Some ladies when they come to Kano to pursue a career in Kannywood will tell you they are either Fulani, Kanuri, Hausa or one of the popular languages in the North. Maryam Musa Wazeery is my humble self, I am from Gombe and Tangale by tribe, I did my primary and secondary education in Gombe, proceeded to the University of Maiduguri and I am now rounding up my Master’s Degree programme.

NP: You featured in more than 40 successful films, you are now one of the top stars in Labarina, if one may ask how rich is Maryam Wazeery?

Maryam: I started acting in 2015 with “Muguwar Mace” there are some actors and actresses that have been in the industry for ages, yet you discovered that they are even finding it difficult to eat. As a Masters Degree student, that alone, makes me rich, I can pick up a lecturing job in any University or Tertiary Institution. I can seek a job in the bank, I can be a producer, in fact, people have been advising me to relocate down south, Lagos to be precise or Ghana and be a model or actress where the pay is fat and good. You said you read somewhere that I am worth $350 thousand dollars, look at our exchange rate, if you change the amount you mentioned into Naira, virtually it will not give you a serious amount. My ultimate aim is to make my fans happy, to make my producers and directors happy. Money will come at the appropriate time, in fact, it is even coming, as you can see I am always smiling. I am happy a person, having read up to Master’s Degree, God created me beautiful with a perfect shape, I am very popular within my colleagues, so you can see the sky is my limit.

NP: Tell us your happiest day?

Maryam: Of course it was the first day I featured in the film “Muguwar Mace” though I am not wicked by nature because “Muguwar Mace” means a wicked woman. But most importantly, when Nazifi Asnanic, Naziru Ahmad, Aminu Saira, Ali Nuhu, Nuhu Abdullahi, Nafisa Abdullahi have finished their final meeting on “Labarina” and announced that I was chosen alongside Nafisa Abdullahi, another ebony black beauty in Kannywood. She is also a graduate from the University of Jos, to play a lead role in “Labarina”. Honestly, I became the subject of envy in Kannywood, some old termers in the industry went into wild speculation trying to paint us black on how we secured this lucrative role but honestly, it is the judgement of those behind the series that decided to use actors and actresses that will sell their film for them. Today, the series has become very successful, whenever we take few days to rest, people will be coming to ask when are we resuming production, that is to tell you that the programme has been accepted.

NP: There are some that are interested in watching the series “Labarina” but they missed it from the beginning, what is the story all about?

Maryam: Let me tell you briefly on the surface. I am featuring in the series as a daughter of a very rich man, and I happened to fall in love with Nuhu Abdullahi who is from a very poor background. But at the time Laila which is my name in the series met and fell in love with Nuhu Abdullahi, he was already dating Nafisa Abdullahi who is from a very poor family. So my intention here is to use my family wealth and spoil Nuhu Abdullahi so that he will drop Nafisa and concentrate on me. I said just on the surface because it’s a very long story that has several changes from time to time. In fact, I may not know what the continuation will look like so, that is how far I can say, those interested can have the series in the market to buy or make an arrangement with the producers.

NP: You are always with an earring fixed to your nose, and a beautiful chain on your leg, people are alleging that you belong to a certain group, tell us the beauty of what you are wearing, whether you truly belong to a cult group?

Maryam: Long laughter, it’s my style. You are from Borno and Kanuri I presume so putting earrings on my nose or chain on my legs should not be something new to you because it is common in Borno, and Gombe was created from Borno State. I am still a bonafide daughter of the northeast, forget about what people may say, I am not into any cult, I am not into any group. I have my masters degree, I am Tangale and a Muslim. All I want now is to get a God-fearing person to marry and have children, but I have a very tall ambition, to read up to PhD level, to be a first-class producer or director and be a good ambassador of Kannywood. I can even be a first-class model, the opportunities are there for me. In fact, I even want to have a column in a National Newspaper because I am gender-sensitive, I want to use the media to educate our women on the need for them to have Western Education, so it’s my pleasure meeting you and I hope to meet you again soonest.


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