NYSC: House of Reps says scheme has come to stay


The Chairman House Committee on Youth Development, Mr Yemi Adaramodu has given confirmation that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) plan would not be scrapped.

Adaramodu gave the confirmation at the revealing of nine books on NYSC and a lady NYSC film to remember the 48th commemoration of the plan in Abuja on Thursday.

He said that supporting a bill on scrapping the plan ought not to shake the organisation because every member has the privilege to support a bill at the National Assembly.

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“However, the Speaker, most of us, the administration of the House believe in the plan and the plan has come to remain in Nigeria.

“So the plan is going no place, no one is rejecting it.

“I need to reveal to you that we are behind you, we are with you, we are for you, when you see us here, you should realise that we are together and we are completely with you.

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“Mr Speaker even said that I ought to congratulate the D-G and his group for this undertaking and that he is extremely keen on getting the books,” Adaramodu said.

Prof. Okpeh, President, Historical Society of Nigeria, while assessing the books, said that he especially enjoyed the one named ‘NYSC (1973-2020): Emergence, Growth and Development.’

He said that this was because, even with the helpless perusing society of Nigerians, the photos that went with the review made certain to draw in individuals and urge them to peruse.

Okpeh said that the plan probably won’t be placing cash in the coffers of the Federal Government, however, the public reconciliation it encourages cannot be overemphasised.


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