Remembering Fannami who died to make Borno safe

Late Yakubu Fannami
Late Yakubu Fannami

Nigerians today remember Yakubu Fannami, a young SS1 Student in Kaleri, who gave up his life to save hundreds of worshippers from a suicide bomber at a mosque in Borno state.

On the 25th of January 2017, a teenage Yakubu Fannami stopped a female suicide bomber who tried to gain entrance to a mosque at Kaleri, Borno state.

Yakubu did all he could and was able to restrain the bomber from entering the mosque, the suicide bomber detonated the bomb, killing herself and Yakubu.

Because of his courage, other worshippers were saved, Yakubu Fannami’s life may be short, but it was a meaningful one. He is a hero of mankind.


  1. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannatil Firdausi as a result of this huge sacrificed he made .ameen .


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