The Mandi tribe where fathers marry their daughters (Pictures)


The Mandi are a Bangladeshi tribe that resides in a small, isolated community. They are noted for having a strange culture of marrying off daughters to their fathers when they are still young.

When a daughter is between the ages of two and three, she is traditionally given to her father. Some of them grow up unaware that they are destined to marry their father. When the Mandi tribe marries off a daughter to her father, they traditionally have a beautiful ceremony.

Orola Dalbot, whose father died when she was very young shared her story on social media.

Orola said she was so young that her mother remarried. She said that the second father’s name is Noten. Noten was always fond of seeing her. She also sometimes thought about how lucky her mother was who got a husband like Noten. Orola said that when she entered her teens, she came to know that her second father, Noten, was her husband.

On hearing this, the ground slipped under Orola’s feet. She had been married to her father at the age of three.

Orola has three children from her husband Noten while her mother also has two children for him.

However, following the arrival of Catholic priests in the region, the custom is reported to have faded out. According to reports, Catholic priests have converted 90% of the population, yet there are speculations that some individuals continue to practice the religion.

Aside from father-daughter marriages, the Mandi tribe is also noted for conducting “Groom Kidnapping,” a strange ritual. Another tradition is for Mandi women to abduct their future husbands.


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