Why I am still single in spite of my beauty – Kannywood actress, Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya
Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya a popular Kannywood actress for over 10 years decided to take a leave from the stage and concentrate on other businesses such as the importation of products especially women software, shoes and jewellery from Indonesia, China, Egypt, Lagos, Senegal, and Saudi Arabia.

According to her, she joined Kannywood accidentally because she followed her sister to a location and along the line, the sister who forgot some of her costumes did not turn up early for the shooting of the film titled “Tsamiya”. As fate might have it, her junior sister Aisha Tsamiya was asked to pick up the role and she was so excellent that she continued getting roles from senior directors and producers, meanwhile, her sister has since gotten married.

After 10 years in the industry, she decided to open her own business outfit on the way to BUK near NYSC secretariat, Kano where she now spends most of her time handling her businesses which according to her in already successful and the sky is the beginning of her success. One issue she hardly discussed freely is marriage, in spite of her beauty, you hardly hear her talking about settling down but last week, she posted about 10 points on her Facebook page, what and what a lady will do to make her marriage successful.

Neptune Prime Network correspondent in Kano, Saleh Inuwa was at her business outfit and had a brief chat with her as follows:

Neptune Prime: Anytime I see you, your beauty is increasing and you are always happy, please tell us the secret?

Tsamiya: Anytime you come here, you always start interviewing me with a compliment, which is very good for my soul and body. I am still young, so why should I put myself under stress, as you can see, my business here is booming, I decided to give myself a break from acting so that I can build my business to be successful.

NP: Recently, I read you complaining on social media that people are using your name and business logo to sell their products?

Tsamiya: The world today is full of fraudulent people, yes I use to advertise the new products I brought from outside but in the background, you always see my logo of Aisha.  But funny enough, people will remove my logo and put their own or remove my products and put their own claiming that they are Aisha Tsamiya. Some are even collecting money and making other demands from responsible people claiming to be me. If you know me very well, I am one person that hates haram and minds my own business, even in Kannywood, go and ask my colleagues, I am as pure as cotton, I am as clean as holy water, I don’t cheat, as such, I hate people that will cheat me.

NP: Recently, precisely, four days ago, you posted ways and manner a lady will make a success of her marriage, yet you the author of the article is still single, what are you telling the public?

Tsamiya: Well, the fact that I am still single, is destiny, but let’s be candid, if a lady who has reached the age of maturity, minds her business by concentrating on her studies or attending Islamiyah schools when you have a male visitor, you invite him into your compound and sit right where whoever is passing will see you.

Similarly, parents should avoid giving their children that are not married android handsets, which will enable them to access all dirty films in the world, join Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram, it will reduce the level of moral corruption in the society. When you are dating a lady, don’t go and meet her in school or hostel, go to their house during the weekend and if possible, introduce yourself to her parents, in every society, we have bad eggs, ladies can buy android phones and hide it from their parents but if the parents have done their best in giving them moral discipline, God will intervene into their affair.

Aisha Tsamiya is also of the view that even though she is an actress in Kannywood, you can hardly hear her colleagues gossiping about her, producers, directors and members of the society know how much we earn in Kannywood but if you are only an actress and you are riding a car of 20 million, or living in a house worth millions of Naira. Every year you go to Dubai or Egypt for holidays from there, you take all your families to perform Hajj, can you sincerely expect society to respect you? When you know very well that you are living above your means.

So, I decided recently to put out some constructive advice to our young ones, for them to give themselves and their parent’s good image and respect in the society, those that go to ladies from big families with hired clothes and vehicles should fear God and stop that because such marriage will never last, very soon, I will set up an NGO so that we will be preaching to our young ones even the old ones how to live decently in our society with that, God will also help us and purify our minds and give us good leaders. So don’t worry that I am still single, it’s destiny, I was to marry my relation so many years back but along the line, it didn’t work but wait very soon, you will see my wedding card.


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