Why there is a lot of s3xual scandal in Kannywood – Kannywood actress, Khadija Mahmood

Khadija Mahmood
Khadija Mahmood

Khadija Mahmood is a 32-year-old tall, slim and beautiful Fulani Lady who hails from Taraba State. She attended Federal Polytechnic Staff School Mubi and Government Secondary School also in Mubi, Adamawa State before proceeding to Technology Institute Kazaure Jigawa State for a Diploma Programme.

After her Diploma, she decided to relocate to Kano to pursue a career in acting, and so far, she featured successfully in films like “Sahun Baya”, “Uwar Miji”, “Gadauniya” and a host of others, but Khadija Mahmood is not happy with what is happening in Kannywood especially in terms of payment and sexual harassment.

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Since 2017, Khadija has virtually disappeared from the Kannywood industry because of several reasons which she told Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa in this interview.


Neptune Prime: After you featured in films like Gidauniya and Sahun Baya around 2017, you disappeared from the screen, where have you been?

Khadija: You see after obtaining my Diploma from Technology Institute Kazaure, Jigawa State, I decided to join Kannywood as an actress and so far, like you rightly mentioned earlier, I featured in many successful films. But I had to scale down my activities and engage my life in other businesses because I discovered a producer or director will invite you to feature in his film and end up paying peanuts or refusing to pay you completely in some cases. This happened to me severally and honestly, it has discouraged me from continuing to be active in the industry, even though I am now partnering with a colleague to produce some films, do you know that a producer once invited me from Abuja to Jos and after we finished shooting the film, he paid me N3,000, I was bitter and devastated.

NP: So, instead of leaving the industry, which you said you cherished so much, why can’t you advise some of these producers to change their attitude or why can’t you table the case before officials of MOPPAN for remedy?

Khadija: As a lady, and a newcomer in the industry, I cannot be running from one office to the other complaining about artist fee, in fact, if care is not taken, some of the producers may come up with fabricated lies and blackmail me, that is why I decided to be a producer myself.

NP: There are cases of sex for roles which we do hear from time to time in fact it has become a serious menace in Kannywood, have you ever encountered that?

Khadija: You see, if you are decent and sincere to a fault, no director or producer will take you for a ride, there are cases which has become the norm of ladies coming from all parts of the country to Kano. Some are coming to Kano for the first time and they will ask for a particular director or producer, after meeting them, they will say they have the interest to start acting, and some of them will be so desperate that they will not mind sleeping with whoever is interested so that they will get what they want. And do you know what, some of them I mean the producers will give these ladies an old script that the film was even shot some years back to be reading and prepare for shooting only for them to discover later that it was an old script. So I blame the ladies in most cases for being desperate simply because they can use their body to get roles, some will go to the director’s office in a dress that is as good as somebody who is naked, in this case, you don’t have to tell the director what you are after, similarly, there are thousands and one beautiful successful ladies in Kannywood and whenever you meet them, they will tell you that they are ready anytime, anywhere to get married. But in the true sense, they are not only cheap, but they are also far from being decent, they are in Kannywood to prostitute and spoil the good image of the industry, and on the other hand, we have decent ones that have got married and made a success of their marriages, take Muhibat Abdulsalam for example, Hassan Giggs wife they have been married for more than 10years.

NP: Who do you prefer to act side by side in Kannywood?

Khadija: Among females, I prefer Jamila Nagudu and I have tremendous admiration for her and among male, I prefer acting alongside Adam A. Zango.

NP: What is your ultimate ambition in Kannywood and when do you intend to settle down?

Khadija: My brother at the age of 32, I am very ripe to settle down and have my own children, remember that I am also a Muslim from a disciplined family as such, I will always want to be a good ambassador of my religion. Yes, there are lots of cases of bad vices in Kannywood but at the same time, it is also common in other professions as such it is because people always watch us on their screen that is why we are the subject of criticisms. Go to the universities and see ladies in hot minis almost going naked, go to the banks where they will tell you openly that you have a target to meet, the way and manner you will do it is not their business, so there is corruption all over the society, let us all return to God and make our lives better.


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