Disaster: Heavy flood submerges houses, cars in Jalingo (Video)


Following an early morning rainfall in Jalingo, the Taraba State capital, a great flood has submerged some major parts of the Taraba state metropolis.

The most hit was the Mayo-Gwoi area, which had houses and shops completely soaked in by the flood. Some of the Mayo gwoi residents narrated that due to the heavy current of the flood after the rainfall, two cars have been swept away to a yet to be known location.

At the scene along the Mayo-Gwoi Bridge, people can be seen swimming inside the flood in order to cross over to the other side, vehicles were also seen moving in one lane.

Fences of some houses have fallen due to the heavy rain, and properties have been flooded, the flood has also damaged some farm crops.

Red Cross officials have so far arrived in the affected area, to control congested traffic caused by gridlock along the Mayo-Gwoi Bridge.

Relevant officials are still accessing the situation, they say so far, no fatality has been recorded.


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