God created me a beautiful woman and I will make use of my beauty properly – Kannywood actress, Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya
Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya the beautiful Kannywood actress who became an instant star actress after her role in Dakin Amarya which she featured along with no-nonsense Halima Atete and king of Kannywood Ali Nuhu. Aisha is not only shy, but she is also very beautiful with shining eyes like the morning dew.

According to her, acting wasn’t her first choice, it was more of destiny. She followed her senior sister to a film location and along the line, she was there on time before the sister and since the producers could not wait, they decided to give her the role meant for her sister and that was how she started acting and earned the name “Tsamiya”.

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Adding that people don’t know the quality of women and other male actors in Kannywood, she can swear in Kannywood, one can find a woman or women that will be second to none in their life.

She said: “We are not what the society is thinking, some of us are from responsible families, we went to Islamic schools, we have a decent upbringing and as such, one should approach some of us for marriage and they will never regret”.

Below is an interview Neptune Prime’s correspondent had with her during the just concluded Sallah in Kano.


Neptune Prime: Aisha, have you return to acting again?

Tsamiya: The way you frame your question is like I vowed never to return to acting, it’s not like that. I stayed away for some time to build some of my businesses to success. I opened a very big shopping complex on BUK road opposite NYSC, so anytime I am not on location, I stay there and supervise my business.

NP: What about marriage?

Tsamiya: Actually, had it been you did not ask me this, I will even remind you, you people behave as if you don’t believe in destiny. By seeing me, you know that I am extremely happy in life and I am very vast in Islamic knowledge. I also have Western Education to a little standard. I travelled to many countries and I have seen what is called decent life. I am not a scrap, God created me to be a really beautiful woman and I will make use of my beauty properly.

NP: Are you provoked?

Tsamiya: It’s not today that we are meeting, apart from the professional aspect of our relationship, we both have mutual respect for each other. At your age, for you to spare your qualitative time to look for little Aisha for an interview and make me popular is something I always cherish. The problem with some of you is that anything negative is news, anything positive is not news. But I am not provoked, had it been I don’t want to talk to you, I will just zoom into my car and say no comment.

NP: Talking about cars, recently, I saw you on social media with a beautiful Benz that will cost not less than N15 million, is that part of your latest collection?

Tsamiya: Honestly, many good things happened to me recently when I decided to stop acting on a daily basis. I received more than a thousand text messages from those that have my number alone begging me to return to acting. Look this life is simple if you want to be rotten, you will be rotten, if you want to be as holy as holy water, you will be, if you want to be as clean as the cotton, you will be. But sincerely, the attitude of some of us that want to make it by hook or crook is what is causing moral corruption in the industry, and do you know what, coming back to the industry will boost its image, if we run away, whoever sees us will still say, see Aisha the actress present or former. So we are ready for the bad, the good and the ugly.

NP: I noticed recently that some of you have decided to take to blogging, and in most cases, they use their website to destroy their fellow colleagues. Some of them are not even educated to know what is happening outside Kannywood, so to make money, their destroy their colleagues by carrying fake news about them.

Tsamiya: Even among decent people, you will still have bad eggs, go round the industry and if you can get 5% of our members that will tell you Aisha is a bad girl, I will take you out for a good dinner as a reward. I don’t have a problem in my life, many people are even blogging in my name and I know very well that God hates envy and gossip, and as such, I always try to avoid that. I want my second part of coming to Kannywood to be successful. But my ultimate aim is to get married very soon at the age of 29 or 30. I am pretty matured for marriage and quote me, the day you hear that Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya has gotten married, then it is for life.


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