Hon. Lumumba condemns mowing of 20 hectares of crops in Miango, calls it barbaric (video)

Story from Yakubu VENTIM, Jos

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the former Member representing Jos North, Bassa Federal Constituency, Hon Lumumba Adah Adeh, has condemned as barbaric and callous, the destruction of 10 hectares of premature crops on farmland by unknown persons, causing suffering and hardship to the owners and to the society at large.

Hon Adeh said this in an interview with Neptune Prime’s correspondent, saying the act was dastardly and inhumane.

According to him, the destruction in Jwol in Riyom LGA and Jebu Miango, where crops worth millions of naira were destroyed last night, makes it a very worrisome development.

Hon. Adeh said it is very bad for a group of assailants to sneak into people farmlands to mow down the whole crops. He described the entire act as unhealthy to the peaceful coexistence of Nigeria.

Adah Adeh appealed to security personnel to ensure the safety of the lives and properties of the citizens.

The Honourable decried the inhumane act of some masqueraders arriving in the middle of the night to wreak havoc on innocent Nigerians.

He added that the insecurity bedevilling Irigwe chiefdom for over two decades now is an unprovoked attack with many losses of lives.

Lumumba stressed that the killings of the natives and activities of bandits calls for collective involvement of stakeholders’ intervention.

“We have seen bloodbaths of women and children who have been brutally murdered,” he said.


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