I am a hot-cake in Kannywood – Kannywood actress, Momee Gombe

Momee Gombe
Momee Gombe

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Maimuna Abubakar is a hot-cake in the Hausa based film industry, Kannywood. She is always engaged by producers and Hausa musicians for one activity or the other and this has made her to be so pompous that she now refers to herself as a hot-cake.

Maimuna did not finish even her secondary school when she got married and her new boyfriend Hamisu Breaker Dorayi was the best man during her first marriage. This means that her former husband is or was a very good friend of Hamisu Dorayi. So how did Maimuna Abubakar find her self in Hamisu Dorayi’s arms or what actually led to the crash of her marriage.

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Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa met her in Kano three days ago and sought for an interview with her but she bluntly refused and our correspondent had to dig deep among her friends and associates to come up with this interesting story about her for our readers.

First, when popular young Kannywood actress Maryam Yahaya fell sick some producers and directors in the industry celebrated the sad incident and quickly positioned Maimuna Abubakar to replace Maryam Yahaya because they are somehow of the same physique. Both of them are lanky and tall, they are both beautiful but both of them can hardly interpret scripts very well because of their low educational qualification.

Momee Gombe born and brought up in Gombe State got married at a tender age and after having a bouncing baby boy she started having problem with her husband who later discovered that she was being brainwashed by somebody in Kannywood. Because of that, her husband did not waste time in divorcing her and through to his suspicion, she ended up now being with Hamisu Breaker Dorayi.

Recently, when popular producer in Kannywood Sunusi Oscar 442 was said to have bought a beautiful car for her and gave her a huge sum of amount for shopping, this caused a serious problem for him with some top officials of Kano State Films Censorship Board who are also dating Momee Gombe.

Garzali Miko who is a Hausa hip-hop singer and one of those always hanging around Maimuna Abubakar seems to be undergoing frustration because after making Momee Gombe what she is today, senior guys in the industry have now pushed him to the background. As of today, Momee Gombe is one actress that her star is shining, but those close to her are warning her to learn a lesson form Maryam Yahaya who was frying “Awara” before joining Kannywood, but before her sickness, she hardly picks a call from anybody from the industry.

Those close to Momee Gombe told Neptune Prime that at the moment, marriage is not on her agenda, all she wants is good life, to ride good car and dresses the way she chooses.


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