I am not a playboy, even though I married six times – Kannywood actor, Adam A. Zango


Adam A. Zango who is one of the big guys in Kannywood is rich, handsome and lives in a mansion in Barakallahu Quarters, Zaria Road, Kaduna. He has vowed to change his lifestyle now that his six children are growing up and he on the other hand is also not yet getting younger.

When the competition between him and Ali Nuhu over who is the most popular actor and producer in Kannywood got so fierce. Adam decided to further his studies so that Ali Nuhu would not be looking at him as a school dropout. He first got admission into Kaduna Polytechnic, but did not register and later got another admission to Northwest University, Kano now Maitama Sule University, again, when he started lectures, he abandoned the program.

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During the just-concluded Sallah period, Adam Zango who hardly grant a media interview had a chat with our correspondent where they discussed several issues involving his life, family, acting, friends and the future.


Neptune Prime: You were my former neighbour in Kagoro Close Tudun Wada, Kaduna, I mean where you rented a guest house for your staff, but since you relocated to Kano, you hardly relate again?

Zango: Sorry, you know we are in a profession that we are always in the midst of the people and it is difficult to remember some old and good neighbours so is that place still existing because I have stopped paying the rent for long.

NP: Forget about that, I am a media person, if I want your attention, I know how to get you, by the way, three years ago, you relocated permanently to Lagos, what happened?

Zango: At a point, I was facing serious challenges in my life and I decided to move to Lagos and say bye-bye to the North, that time, all my six wives were not with me, I was only with my children and my mother, and Lagos life is terrible my brother, I had to run back quickly and re-organize my life.

NP: I can see you in the company of your new wife and children?

Zango: Yeah, when I married my sixth wife from Gwandu Kebbi State, I promised never to leave her, so what you are seeing is part of the happiness in my family, I have one wife now and six children, in fact, I am not contemplating taking another wife or leaving the one I have.

NP: What about Nafisa Abdullahi, Zainab Indomie, and Maryam Booth?

Zango: First let me condole Maryam Booth for losing her mother recently, well, I dated the 3 of them before, in fact, Zainab Indomie along the line had serious medical challenges and I had to stand for her including taking her out of the country for treatment, people are accusing us of not helping our members, the issue is if you will render help because of God, you have to keep it silent.

NP: There was a time you move to Shagari Quarters, Kano with your family and mother, where are you now?

Zango: You know I live in Barakallahu Area Opposite NTI, Kaduna, but I hardly stay there so that they will not kidnap me, you also asked me whether I resolved my crisis with Kano State Films and Censorship Board Officials, yeah, we are now good friends with Afakallah, Good friend with Ali Nuhu, you see my issue with Ali Nuhu is you the media that is causing a rift between us, he is older than me, and I remain grateful to him in life, he played a very big role in my life in the past and he is still doing that.

NP: You said you have six children, with Haidar as the eldest, how about Ummi Rahab?

Zango: Well she is my daughter also, you want to know whether she is my biological daughter or otherwise, this is an assignment I am giving you as somebody that has been part of Kannywood for over 10years. But please don’t write what will offend the young girl as you can see she is growing so fast into a star and a social media person, let me before we finish this interview, tell you that I have left PDP for APC.


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