I did all I could for my 13-year-old marriage to last forever – Kannywood actress, Mansura Isah

Sani Danja and Mansura Isah
Sani Danja and Mansura Isah

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Popular society lady and former Kannywood actress Mansura Isah has called on Almighty Allah to decisively punish those who have been insulting her through social media or direct messages since her marriage broke up recently with Sani Danja.

Mansura Isah told Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa in Kano yesterday that she did all she could for her 13-year-old marriage to last forever. According to her, she was married to a difficult person that to stay with him for life is not possible because he completely changed from the person she knew before their marriage.

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Adding that recently, insults against her person in the social media has started affecting her life and that of her children, as such, she is imploring the name of God for such insults and direct messages to stop. After all, she is not the only woman that got married and the marriage broke up, in fact, this is a daily occurrence in our society.

“What is it, they don’t know what I endured for the past 13 years. I was married to Sani Danja, for me to come out and post it on social media that my marriage with Sani Danja even though it is blessed with four children is no more was not an easy task, but there was no way one will continue pretending so I had to announce it”.

She noted that when she went back to her NGO activities which she has been doing for close to 20 years, people castigated her for using that to break up her marriage. When she posted her family picture which Sani was prominently in it, people said, she is begging to go back. When she posted her Sallah pictures on social media, people said oh that was why she broke up her marriage and when she went out with her friends for dinner, people shouted that she is now free to lead her life the way she wants it, it was accusations all over the place.

She is, therefore, calling on Almighty Allah to punish these people, to cast spells on them, to make their lives miserable, to always turn their fortune into misfortune.

She said: “I want God to deal with them for me, I am really bitter with what they are posting about me on social media, I have announced that I am now a divorcee, so they should leave me to mind my business, what I did has happened even during the time of the prophet.”

On her future plans, Mansura said she is a graduate of the University of Abuja and she has an NGO, Today’s Life Foundation. She is a fine actress, she is still beautiful and young, as such, she is at liberty at her age to do anything of her choice. At this moment, she would prefer to mind her business but if people continue to challenge her life, she will not mind going to court.


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