I know how painful it is for a woman’s heart to be broken – Kannywood actress Fati Garba S.U

Kannywood actress Fati Garba S.U
Kannywood actress Fati Garba S.U

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Fati S.U Garba is from Niger State, she is a holder of Higher National Diploma from Federal Polytechnic, Bida but did her National Youth Service in Kaduna where she is still staying, waiting for other developments like securing a good job or a fat acting contract.

Fati’s first film “Bayan Rai” meaning “After Life” was all she needed to become an instant celebrity, because she was cast along with popular actors like the Prince of Kannywood, Adam A. Zango.

In fact, Zango himself also considers the film as one of his best, but Fati did not find it easy coping with the demands of the film, especially because she was featuring for the first time alongside senior actors and actresses, she was so nervous and had wanted to drop out but as God may have it, she was not only successful but the director and producers of the film since then continue to feature her in many of their films.

Fati S. U. is still single, and according to her though she is in a serious relationship no date yet for the wedding bell to ring, one thing she is sure of is that any man that marries her will be the happiest person in life because she will give him her best hoping to also get the best from him.


Neptune Prime: You finished your NYSC Scheme successfully and you are now available for job or marriage which one are we expecting to come first?

Fati: Yes, I finished from Federal Polytechnic, Bida, and I read Business Administration, I am an indigene of Niger State like you rightly pointed out, I am now ready to face the world, I am looking for a very good job and on the other hand, a nice and God-fearing man to marry, not only God-fearing, my man must be loving and caring and if possible, he should be tall and handsome, somebody I can hold and present to any audience as my husband.

NP: Can you marry a man that has more than one wife if both of you love each other so passionately?

Fati: Why not, the truth is a woman will not mind to stay with other women and share her husband, its very painful to say the least, but we are in a polygamous society, our religion Islam also allows that, so who is Fati S. U. to change that which has been decreed by the Creator, but I will prefer to be the first one before the man would bring in three more women at least before them I have studied him very well and I am very much aware of his weaknesses. Similarly, one might have had enough good time with the man before the other women joined him, so I will definitely stay with a man who is polygamous in nature and he will continue to have the best of me because I don’t believe in separation after marriage.

NP: Was there a time a man ever broke your heart?

Fati: Yes, I witnessed some but honestly, it has made me stronger, I mean I now know real love and fake love, and any of the two if I face it in future, I will know how to find my way out of it, no woman will want to get her heartbroken by any lover, but if a man comes to you with all the promises in the world, that he will give you paradise on earth, there is no way you will easily understand that he is real or fake. Some will behave and show you that they are holier than the pope, very loving and caring, but along the line, he will find excuses and jump out of the ship especially if you are not lucky.

NP: In “This is the way” an English film produced by Kabiru Musa Jammaje, you featured as a daughter to a successful lawyer, Ali Nuhu and later fell in passionate love with another lawyer Nuhu Abdullahi, if the film turned out to be a true-life story, will you marry Nuhu Abdullahi?

Fati: That film, I can tell you is one of my best, you have the likes of Ali Nuhu, Nuhu Abdullahi, Abba El-Mustapha, Momoh, Alhaji Malumfashi, Babale Hayatu, Sani Mu’azu from Jos and other brilliant actors and actresses to mention a few, in real life, if Nuhu Abdullahi proposed to me, I will marry him why not, he is educated and a brilliant young man but let’s not discuss that now because he is happily married and also a fine actor.

NP: Your father in the film, Ali Nuhu was so upset on many occasions because of the manner you dress, exposing your body and beauty, this was also the reason Nuhu Abdullahi did not accept you at first instance before you change for better and the chemistry clicked?

Fati: Well, thank God, I am fortunate to be a decent lady, unfortunately, Nuhu Abdullahi who was my boyfriend in the film thought I was going too far and frowned at my way of dressing on many occasions, I want people to know that our life on stage is different from our real life, we are only interpreting a script given to us, and in that case, I was asked to play the exact role, I played in the film including my manner of dressing, in real life, as a Muslim Woman, I dress properly.

NP: Tell us your saddest moments

Fati: Honestly, they are not many, one, I am a graduate, secondly, I am a Muslim, so I don’t have many regrets, but whenever I was given a script by a director and later he changed my role and give to another actress, maybe it clashed with some of my other activities, I used to feel bitter if you are to feature me in your film, go ahead and feature me, don’t create excuses and drop me.

NP: If I understand you very well, are you saying if a director did not get what he wants from an actress, he will drop her and give another one that is ready to compromise her body?

Fati: I didn’t say that, and that has never happened to me, people are having different impressions about us or our ways of life, is not like that, in all profession, marriages crashed, in all professions, you have bad eggs, banks at times sent out beautiful ladies to go and scout for customers, so it is the way you behave that the society will judge you.

NP: Who is your best actor and actress in Kannywood?

Fati: About actress, Fati S.U Garba that is my humble self, long laughter, you want me to tell you I admire this and I hate that, so that you will create enmity between me and my colleagues, they are all my friends and I admire them, but my closest friends are Teema Yola, not Teema Makamashi, they are not the same, Teema Yola is my closest female friend.


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