Janada Kumangar: Zenith Bank’s poster & attitudinal girl, by Yakubu Ahmed-BK (Pictures)

Janada Kumangar.
Janada Kumangar.

If you are a Zenith Bank’s customer or just a visitor who finds himself in the Birnin Kebbi branch office, chances are that you must have interacted with this dutiful, welcoming, serious looking and customer/visitor-friendly Janada Kumangar of the customer service unit.

I have been a Zenith Bank customer for over 10 years and I have met a number of staff of all departments and of course, I have a very good memory of virtually all of them for their professionalism and sense of duty. These fond memories were what led me to keep faith with the bank all these years.

But I wish to confess that Janada is in a class of her own in terms of her passion for the job, energy, drive and capacity. I have watched her work for some years, even when my business was not with her and I always leave satisfied by her conduct and her human relations skills.

Overall, I like it with almost all Zenith Bank staff and I always feel at home and in the best bank whenever I walk in, which is quite often. I will hardly ask for a bank other than this.

Hope the guys at the top echelon will see to it that hard-working workers like Janada in all the branches get a lift up.

There are many other staff of the same branch who deserves similar portrayal in a way that will encourage them to further dish out the best and embolden others to copy. I will, In Shaa Allah, bring them up here.

Ahmed-BK, an indigene of Kebbi state and a veteran journalist who has practised in Borno for over three decades and now lives in Gesse III, Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi state.


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