Kannywood stakeholders visit sick Maryam Yahaya, Monday


Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Worried by reports in social media that Kannywood stakeholders have decided to turn their back against Maryam Yahaya one of Kannywood’s popular young actresses who have been sick for 3 months, the Executive Director, Kano State Films and Censorship Board Ismail Na’Abba Afakallah, today on Monday led a powerful team to visit Maryam in their house.

Afakallah told the media that people should be verifying their reports because even after 7 daily prayers of late Zainab Booth, all of them went straight to Maryam Yahaya family house at Jambulo BUK Road and visited her, adding that what she is undergoing is normal sickness from God, it has nothing to do with her colleagues in Kannywood.

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Reports have it that before Maryam Yahaya was featured in Ali Nuhu’s popular film Mariya, she was doing nothing but frying “Awara” at their quarters, but since she joined the FKD production company owned by Ali Nuhu, she became so rich that she hardly pick anybody’s phone apart from that of Ali Nuhu, she changed the lifestyle of her family and move their status to the next level.

Recently, when she organized her birthday, one young man travelled all the way from Bauchi to see her, in fact, she openly refused to see him and the guy took “Pia-pia” to commit suicide, it was widely reported in the media but she has never bothered to show concern.

The sickness she is now inflicted with according to sources is spiritual because doctors are yet to diagnose the ailment, similarly, relief also came the way of another sick Kannywood actor Sani Garka SK, when popular politician Raba Gardama visited him in his Dandago Resident in Kano and promise to foot his medical bill.


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