Minister of State for FCT donates baby clothes, cash gifts to couple with triplets in Abuja

Minister of state for FCT, Dr Ramatu Aliyu with some hospital officials and mother of the triplets Tomy Glory
Minister of state for FCT, Dr Ramatu Aliyu with some hospital officials and mother of the triplets Tomy Glory

The Minister of State for Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Dr Ramatu Aliyu gave some materials and cash support to a destitute family with triplets at the Abuja National Hospital on Friday,

During her visit to the hospital, the minister after checking the triplets, and interacting with the parents and other patients in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, donated 250,000 naira in cash to the couple, she also gave dozens of baby clothes, diapers and assorted toiletries to the parents of the newborns.

According to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN), the minister also offered cash donations of N10.000 and packaging to every 50 families with different medical conditions at the hospital.

The Minister of State, during her visit, was driven around the hospital by the director of clinical services, Dr Aisha Umar, where she pledged that the CFT administration will always be on the lookout for eligible families that are in need of urgent government assistance in accordance with the mandate of the Development Secretariat and social security of the CTF.

“The administration of the FCT, through its Secretariat for Social Development, has a policy of supporting destitute families with multiple births, especially the less privileged.

“But with the economic downturn, the policy has been temporarily put aside, but it is being revisited.

“I am here in a personal capacity. I am here today as a mother and as a human being.

“I hope that when we resume Monday after the break, other families will be profiled for visits, which will be carried out by the Gender Department of the SDS to ensure that only deserving families are visited,” she declared.

The minister who was displeased by the way some beneficiaries of the administration’s social policy had so far abused the process, hijacking the process thereby depriving eligible families.

“In fact, most of the time the government interrupts processes like this because they are abused by indigent citizens and we have seen situations where beneficiaries abuse these supports, rack up bills and deprive other eligible families.

“So now we want to follow due process and make sure that only deserving families with multiple births and needy families receive this support from the Federal Capital Territory administration.

“In the past, we have seen situations where supports such as shelter are provided to those who are classified as the poorest of the poor and who could not afford shelter.

“By the grace of God under this administration, we are revisiting this but for now I am here as a mother and as a human being to support some needy families.”

Responding to the kind gesture, the mother of triples, Ms Tomy Glory a native of Akwa Ibom state, appreciated the Minister for her kind consideration, she further prayed for the Minister’s well-being and long life.

Narrating her ordeal “Ms Tomy Glory said ‘’I am a student at Abuja National Open University, but had to postpone my studies due to complications from my pregnancy which ended up giving birth to triplets.

“I am overwhelmed by this kind of gesture, especially from a government official.

“I am still in shock to have close contact with a sitting minister. Her visit alone is proof enough, but she topped it all off with matching cash and gift items. May God richly blesses her,” she added.


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