How 2-year-old died after being forgotten in hot car for 3 hours


A two-year-old boy has died after he was forgotten inside a hot car for three hours by his babysitter.

Arthur Oliveira dos Santos was being looked after by babysitter Glaucia Aparecida Luiz, 35, who reportedly ran an “unauthorised daycare centre” in her home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, police said.

According to a police statement, Arthur was tragically forgotten and spent the afternoon in a boiling hot car under the scorching sun, outside the suspect’s home.

Officers rushed to the scene after the boy was discovered, and passersby’s placed an emergency call.

They rushed the boy to the hospital but he was confirmed dead on arrival.

According to medics, the child died of suffocation and dehydration, but an autopsy to confirm the exact cause of death will be taking place soon.

Police say the suspect and her daughter took care of more than 10 children in their home and described it as an “irregular daycare centre”.

The babysitter has been arrested on suspicion of murder and currently remains in custody.

But the suspect’s lawyer in a statement said “There was never the intent to bring about such an outcome”.

“Glaucia and her family have been collaborating closely with the investigation to clarify the facts, not least because Glaucia did not intend to bring about the child’s death or harm him.

“The defence passes on our condolences and the most sincere condolences of Glaucia and her family to the boy’s relatives.”


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