I will expose you if you don’t mind your business – Actress Ummi Rahab threatens Adam Zango

Kannywood actress, Ummi Rahab
Kannywood actress, Ummi Rahab

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Ummi Rahab, the fast-growing Kannywood actress has threatened to expose her adopted father, another famous powerful actor Adam A. Zango if he did not mind his business according to her.

A few days ago, what seems like a family crisis broke out between Adam Zango and Ummi Rahab, a small lady that Adam Zango adopted and raised as his own daughter. All efforts by watchers of Kannywood to know the real relationship between Zango and Ummi has not been successful.

Recently, he removed her from his popular film “Farin Wata, Shakallo” being aired through Youtube, and also sent her away from his house and none of them is ready to say exactly what is the cause of the crisis that would warrant Zango, who all along treats her as his biological daughter to send her packing from his house.

According to ArewaBuzz, Ummi Rahab confided in some of her close friends that because she has decided to date other young men that is why Zango is terribly jealous.

According to sources, Zango did all he could to stop her from going out with anybody but she refuses to heed his advice, which led him to remove her from his films and also, send her away from his house.

He told those close to him that he decided to adopt her in the first place so that he can give her proper training and help her build her career in acting, but since she refuses to accept his advice, he has no choice but to send her away from his house and also remove her from all his films.

But according to ArewaBuzz, a social media website, Ummi Rahab was said to have complained to her friends that Zango kept her in the house for a long time and turned her into a sex toy, this she did not complain but what annoyed her was that he does not want to see any other man close to her. Ummi Rahab said she refused to accept that and said she preferred to leave his house and be delisted from his films.

Some of her friends are saying that Ummi Rahab who threatened to expose Zango if he did not mind his business is said to have series of recorded videos of her sexual escapades with Zango and she is ready to release them on social media, after all, she has nothing to lose since nobody can tell exactly who is her family.

Ummi Rahab is a popular face on social media, she is one Kannywood artist that if not handled with care, may cause a serious crisis in the industry, already, she has decided to move to Ali Nuhu’s camp in Kannywood because Ali Nuhu’s camp and that of Zango’s have been fighting for a very long time, even though Zango himself is Ali Nuhu’s boy in Kannywood.


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