Why I cannot play a romantic role in a movie – Kannywood actress, Saratu Gidado

Saratu Gidado
Saratu Gidado

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

One of the pioneer members of Kannywood, Saratu Gidado also known as Daso, said that even though she has been in Kannywood for a very long time, producers and directors don’t give her romantic roles because it does not fit her, considering how she has been playing the role of a wicked woman over the years.

Saratu Gidado in a chat with Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa revealed that she is a Diploma holder in marketing from Kaduna Polytechnic and she later travelled out of the country to further her education before joining Kannywood 20-years-ago.

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Sources have it that Saratu Gidado doesn’t have children in all her three marriages as in most cases, the marriages ended up in crisis and scandals.

She told our correspondent that it is because she plays the role of a wicked woman very well, that is why she is always given such roles by producers and directors.

“Just like Tijjani Asase or Lawal Kumurci, there is no way you will give them romantic roles and expect them to be perfect, all they want is roles that they will feature as thugs or criminals,” that is if the producer wants to sell his film.

Daso who married thrice, one of the marriages was contracted through social media and when the groom landed in Kano and met her in person, he was so disappointed and cancelled the marriage.

She is one Kannywood actress that has been in the industry for years but she does not have her own house or a car or business outfit that she will fall back on when she gets old. Her closest friend in Kannywood according to her is the popular Mansura Isah, former wife of Sani Danja.

Daso was also the magajiya director of protocol to the former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi when he was Emir of Kano, featured in uncountable successful films. But in real life, she is extremely humble and decent, you hardly see her in any scandal, because if you wrong her, she will face you and express her disappointment to your face.

Presently, she is mostly featured in series as the COVID-19 disaster affected the film industry and up till now, most producers don’t go for conventional films, as such, it is only a few actors and actresses that are now fully engaged or active in the industry which is flooded at present by young ladies from most of the northern states and neighbouring countries.


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