Why I started producing Kannywood films in English – Kabiru Musa Jammaje

Kabiru Musa Jammaje
Kabiru Musa Jammaje

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Kabiru Musa Jamaje is the proprietor of Jamaje Academy in Kano, which he established primarily to teach students how to speak good English.

Jamaje also presents programs on Freedom Radio Kano, Kaduna and Jigawa stations.

But having visited several countries in Africa, Europe and other parts of the world and noticed how some people view the behaviour of Nigerians or form an opinion about how Nigerians conduct their lives, whenever these foreigners watch Nollywood films produced by southerners, he decided to start producing Hausa films in English.

“Whenever those outside the country watch Nollywood films in which you will see female and male actresses kissing, hugging and some practically making what looks like real sex, what they used to conclude is that this is the real lifestyle of Nigerians, even though we have Muslims in a larger population than our Christian brothers, Nollywood films used to portray Nigerians as people that are morally corrupt”.

Speaking to our correspondent during the weekend in Kano, Musa Kabiru Jammaje noted that so far he has produced two films which he will release into the market very soon, they are LIGHT AND DARKNESS, THERE’S WAY, in the two films he tries to capture the real lifestyle of an ordinary northerner, the films are so pure and in accordance with Islamic culture, no sex, kissing or hugging.

He used A grade actors and actresses like RAHAMA SADAU, MARYAM BOOTH, RABIU RIKADAWA, DILA AND other selected members of Kannywood that have a good command of the English language.

“This is because if you watch Nollywood films most of those that are featured as gatemen or drivers are those portrayed as Hausa people most of them speak poor English.

“Henceforth we will try to show the whole world that northerners are not only highly educated they have the best culture and religion than one can ever come across, there are renown universities, polytechnics and other research institutes in the north, the region also has the most powerful politicians in the country.

“In fact, the north has been governing the country since independence with few presidents and head of state coming from the south, as such it is better to produce Hausa films in English so that the whole world will know the true history of Nigeria and its people”.

Similarly, he added that though he had difficult times producing the two films he has finished because of the behaviour of some of the artists, this will not discourage him from continuing with the production of more films even if he will not make any profit immediately.


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