How Abuja yahoo boy slept with me for 8 days, stole my N1.3 million

How Abuja yahoo boys slept with me for 8 days, stole my N1.3 million

How Abuja yahoo boy slept with me for 8 days, stole my N1.3 million

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

A casual affair ended on a sour note after a lady fell in the hands of a fraudster known as ‘a yahoo boy’ in these parts. The affair was meant to be a one-night stand with a man she had met through a hook-up arrangement, but Angel (not real name) ended up spending eight days with a guy who gave his name as ‘Frank’ at a hotel located in Kubwa, a suburb of Abuja.

Angel and Frank had arranged to meet physically at Soul Lounge Nightclub, Kubwa in late August 2021 but the meeting, which was supposed to be for casual sex, landed Angel at the Kubwa Divisional Police Station after Frank, who turned out to be an alleged internet fraudster, wired N1.3 million from her account without her consent.

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“We were supposed to stay one night, and he paid me N10,000; he said he likes me and he wants me to stay with him for eight days and that he will give me N20,000 every day,” she told the police who are now handling the case. A local reporter had found Angel within the premises of the Police Division seated alone under a tree, looking gloomy and staring at the ground.

She felt betrayed by Frank, who came across as a loving young man whom she thought had a genuine interest in her. Angel was cajoled by Frank’s flamboyance; the young man had bragged about his achievements, including owning a house in high-brow areas in the Federal Capital having over N40 million in his account and strings of businesses.

Obviously, Frank’s alluring statements and promises convinced Angel to surrender herself to him. She told some reporters that the hotel they lodged in was located opposite Kubwa Central Market. It was later Angel discovered that her new love was taking care of her from the money he had stolen from her. According to her, Frank wiped out her entire savings of two years after removing a SIM card linked to her bank account from her phone, replacing it with another one.

“We lodged in a hotel opposite Central Market Kubwa and there is a POS operator in front of the hotel. I noticed that he was discussing something with the POS guy the first day we went to the hotel. We were supposed to stay for one night and he would pay me N10,000 but we ended up spending eight days with him transferring N120,000 to me. I felt, since he has paid me, he is somebody I can trust and stay with, not knowing that he was stealing from my account,” she narrated.

The matter was brought to the Police at the Kubwa Divisional Office which is carrying out the investigation.


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