Is the $5.8 billion dollars Mambila Power Project a fraud? (Video)

Is the $5.8 billion Mambila Power Project a fraud? (Video)

Is the $5.8 billion Mambila Power Project a fraud? (Video)

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

What actually is the true position of the much talked about $5.8 billion Mambila Power Project, which, if completed, will give Nigerians 3,050 Mega Watts of electricity?

Why is it that not much publicity has been given to the project on neither the pages of newspapers nor a documentary by either the Taraba State government or the Federal Ministry of Power on the level of work at the project?

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A video obtained by Neptune Prime from BBC reporters that visited Gembu where the project was to be sited, and the Tembi waterfalls, where the main engine of the power project was to be sunk or located shows that even the villagers of the area said they only hear of the projects from time to time but so far nothing has been done.

On 12th April, 2007, former President Olusegun Obasanjo visited Gembu. A drive from Gembu to Tembi Waterfalls is about 6 hours. After Obasanjo’s visit, some buildings and offices were erected in Gembu to be used by the workers that will handle the Mambila Hydro Power Project.

Since then, no government official has ever visited the area, no equipment was mobilised to the site, no contractor has visited the area either from Taraba or Abuja and the project, at the time of this report is yet to take off. In fact, even the site is yet to be cleared, and no compensation has been paid to the farmers that will lose their farms to the project.

The question is where is the money that the federal government has said it is taking foreign loans to handle the project for? Why are successive governments playing politics with the projects, and why is the Taraba State government not complaining about the non-implementation of the projects?

Watch the attached video below:


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