Boko Haram fighters will not enter Paradise – Adamu Rugurugu (Video)

It is not true that Boko Haram fighters will enter paradise - Adamu Ruguru

It is not true that Boko Haram fighters will enter paradise – Adamu Rugurugu

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

A repentant notorious ex-Boko Haram commander, Adamu Rugurugu in a sermon in Maiduguri described as untrue the claims by Boko Haram fighters that whoever dies in the cause of their Jihad will go straight to paradise.

Addressing his colleagues that surrendered to the Military at a Hajj Camp in Maiduguri, the former Boko Haram commander noted that there is no way one will take up a gun and kill innocent men and women and expect to enter paradise when he dies. God is a God of mercy that laid down how Muslims and Christians will live their lives, as such, there is no law that allows a person to just take arms and be killing innocent souls.

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Adding that he went through hell when he was still a Boko Haram member, now that he has seen the light by repenting, he is calling those still in the bush to come out and surrender because the time is up and there is no possibility of wining the fruitless war.

“Our Commanders were cowards, they normally stay at the back and give us guns to leap to the front, and through that many of us were killed just like that, while the Commanders were hiding peacefully in bunkers in Sambisa enjoying women and money.”

Let me also commend Borno State Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum, and the Nigerian Army, for accepting them back into the society without harassing them. They are even being fed three square meals in a day. May Allah continue to bless them and give them all the peace they deserve in their lives.

He revealed that he joined Boko Haram by force after he was taken from his house in Gwoza in the night and taken to Sambisa. The name, Adamu Rugurugu was his nickname even before Boko Haram started. He has vowed never to go back to terrorism, calling on those that repented to fear God and be sincere.

Watch the video below:


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