Sex workers beat a client to death in Ghana


An adult male believed to be in his 30s has reportedly died after he was allegedly beaten by suspected commercial sex workers in Ghana.

The yet-to-be-identified man was said to have refused to pay one of the sex workers after patronising her. An argument ensued which led to a fight that resulted in his death.

The house where the incident happened has since been locked up after Police waded into the matter and picked up some suspects.

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Although the man employed the services of one sex worker, her colleagues said, “if you offend one person, you offend all sex workers,” hence their involvement in the matter.

According to, after the fight, the sex worker escaped, leaving behind her colleagues suspected of having caused the man’s death.

The Sunyani District Police has arrested the suspects and the landlord. Sunyani Municipal District is one of the twelve districts in Bono Region, Ghana.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s body has been sent to Sunyani Regional Hospital morgue for preservation pending investigations.


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