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Amb. Othman El-Kudan fit to be PDP Youth Leader – Says Stakeholder, Alhaji Umar Ayuba


Amb. Othman El-Kudan fit to be PDP Youth Leader – Says Stakeholder, Alhaji Umar Ayuba

Story from Ghali JA’AFARU

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Stakeholder in Tudun Wada West (Ward 8), Kaduna South, Alhaji Umar Ayuba (Oando) has said that Ambassador Othman El-Kudan is the most competent candidate to fill in the position of the National Youth Leader in the upcoming elections.

Alhaji Umar, while speaking with Neptune Prime on Monday said: “Ambassador Othman El-Kudan is the most capable candidate to be elected as the National Youth Leader of PDP in the upcoming PDP conventions which will hold  October 30, 2021, at Abuja.”

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He stated that Othman El-Kudan, also known as “Hasken Matasa” (light of the youths) is a bonafide PDP member from its inception, who mingles with the youths perpetually even before he dreamt of running for the youth leader’s position.

“He has the capacity to succeed where others fail, he is a grassroots politician, a youth mobiliser, the young man who contributes his time, morally and financially to the party, Alhaji Umar said.

The Stakeholder further speaking said, “PDP is an opposition party that is struggling to reclaim its power by 2023; in this crucial time it becomes mandatory to elect the right person who is capable of that position.

“Exceptional times call for exceptional measures, if PDP votes the right people, at the upcoming convention, it will contribute immensely towards reclaiming its power in the year  2023 elections.

“We urge the PDP delegates and electorates to cast their votes for this vibrant, talented and tactful young man who is suitable for this position, he said.

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