Dangerous Niger/Nigeria cross-border arms dealer arrested (Video)

Dangerous Niger/Nigeria cross-border arms dealer arrested

Dangerous Niger/Nigeria cross-border arms dealer arrested

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Men from Kaduna and Minna tactical command, under the supervision of a special force from Abuja Police Headquarters have successfully arrested a dangerous Niger/Nigeria cross-border arms dealer, Shehu Aliyu, whose nickname is Kachalla Gurgu.

Kachalla Gurgu is from Malbaza village in Niger Republic. He has two wives, Fati and Kulu and children.

He was arrested with two AK47 and 10 thousand live rounds of ammunitions, a crime to which he confessed, and that his customers used the guns to rob, destroy, kill and kidnap innocent victims.

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Displaying some of the guns and live ammunitions, he said he buys one bullet at N1,000 and sells them in Nigeria at N1,100. As for the guns, he used to sell an AK47 at N3 million and AK49 for more. Adding that he has been in the business for the past three years when he was at Gada Local Government of Sokoto State.

According to him, he sold 350 AK47, some AK49, and 10,000 life ammunitions. He also has a customer called Suwaiba in Tsafe who he sold 18,000 rounds of ammunitions to at different times.

Similarly, he told the team of the security operatives that he is an illiterate and has only one “Izu” in Islamic education.

As for how he successfully operated for three years before he was arrested, he revealed that when he arrived at Niger/Nigeria border, one man in Military uniform used to come in a white Golf and transport the ammunitions to various forests to Dogo Giade, Turji, Kachalla Halillu and several others.

He stressed further that because he is not educated he cannot tell if the military man is a true soldier because whenever they reached a check point, other security agents on duty used to salute the uniformed man.

Concluding the investigation, the Police officers told the gun runner that he should know that all that were contained in the statement were freely revealed by him not by force or under duress.

Watch the video below:


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