How policemen in Oyo allegedly extorted N150,000 house rent from family


Some men alleged to be officers of the Nigerian Police have reportedly taken possession of the sum of N150,000 meant for house rent from a family in Oyo State.

Narrating the incident on Thursday, Mrs Taiwo Ogunade, a grandmother, said the money and a mobile phone were snatched from her grandson, Emmanuel Jesugbemi after being accosted by the uniformed men on his way to pay the rent, as reported by PUNCH.

She said, “I don’t like something that will make my blood pressure rise. I am fed up and I know that God will punish them.”

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According to her grandson, Jesugbemi, the incident occurred in the Apata area while he was on his way to bank to deposit the money.

The policemen, led by Badru Samson, trailed the motorcyclist conveying him to the bank and ordered him to get down, the 20-year-old claimed.

Jesugbemi, who is an artiste, also claimed that the policemen slapped him repeatedly and while at it, called him a fraudster.

He took to his Instagram page, @official_babyjez to share a video clip of the incident which actually happened on Wednesday.

He said, “Grandma’s house rent was due, so she went to the Apata area to collect money from somebody to join [add to] what she had for the rent. After collecting the money, she called me to meet her at Apata, where she gave me the N150,000 to deposit into our landlord’s bank account.

“I boarded a motorcycle and while on my way to deposit the money in the bank, the policemen blocked my motorcyclist with a black car with no number plate and ordered me to get down. I saw four policemen in the car when I got down and one of them slapped and kicked me. He even used his gun to hit my head and called me a Yahoo boy.

“The policemen asked for my phone and told me to unlock it; but they did not find anything [incriminating] after they checked it. They wanted to search me, but I stopped them because policemen had searched one of my friends before and in the process, they put hard drugs in his pocket. So, I willingly brought my pockets out and they saw the N150,000.”

“They asked who owned it and I told them that it was for my grandma and that I was on my way to pay her house rent. The policemen said I was lying. One of them kicked my stomach and forcefully collected it from me.

“They told me to format my phone and took it; they put me inside the car and drove me from Apata to under the bridge in Iwo Road, where they dropped me off.

“I had to plead with them to give me my SIM card. They also took the extra N2,000 with me and I had to trek from Iwo Road to our house in Dugbe,” Jesugbemi added.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Asewale Onifeso, when contacted by the medium said “You will be updated soonest, please.”


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