I am tired of begging my husband for s3x – Woman tells court


I am tired of begging my husband for s3x – Woman tells court

Story from Abah ADAH, ABuja

The 16-year-old marriage between Mrs Dorcas Ali and her husband, Wole, may be heading for its terminus as the wife confessed being tired of begging her husband for sex in their matrimonial home in Lagos State.

The embittered Dorcas had filed a suit before the Igando Customary Court in Lagos to end her marriage because of the conduct of her husband, according to a report released by PM Express on Sunday.

Mrs. Dorcas told the Court that apart from the fact her husband has been denying her sex for six years and bringing women into their matrimonial home, he was equally fond of threatening her life.

“Whenever I go for vigil in Church, my husband brings different women home to pass the night. I have caught him several times,’’ the 48-year-old tailor told the Court.

“Wole has turned me into a punching bag; always beating me to stupor and leaving me with injuries and scars.There was a day he wanted to bathe me with petrol to set me ablaze but I managed to escape,’’ she stated.

Mrs. Dorcas also told the Court that her husband wanted to take over the house she had built singlehandedly.

“When I wanted to buy the land, I took him along because I am an illiterate; only my name was written on the document. But when I later stumbled on the document, I discovered that my husband’s name was added; it is obvious he went behind me to add his name,’’ she said.

The petitioner said that her estranged husband had been denying her intercourse since 2015.

“I always beg him to have intercourse with me so that I could get pregnant but he was always reluctant or sometimes he pushes me away; he eventually stopped sleeping with me six years ago because he has a woman, who bore him children. He makes no effort to make me have a child; he is only after my property,’’ Dorcas also said.


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