My enemies are not happy I’m acting in India – Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau

My enemies are not happy I'm acting in India – Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau

My enemies are not happy I’m acting in India – Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Rahama Sadau, the lead actress in a film now showing in India, titled ‘Khuda Haafiz’, has expressed gratitude to God for the opportunity she has been getting for long to participate in successful films, music and modelling projects in and outside Nigeria.

In her latest post on social media, the Kaduna based actress said though she was severally suspended or expelled from Kannywood, whenever she runs into crisis, God makes a way of success for her.

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That is why she set up an NGO ‘Today’s Care’ to take care of the needy and to thank God for always lifting her above her pairs, and protecting her from enemies and those that do not wish her well or progress in her acting career.

Sadau added that she is already an international star and an accomplished professional, she is also into several businesses that are fetching her good money, but this does not mean she will not go back to Kannywood and continue acting.

“I will go back in a big way and be a big producer, in fact, I am thinking of opening my own Cinema House in Kaduna for people to go there and relax during festivities with their parents,” she said.

“Whenever I made up my mind to engage in certain projects, what I think of is my creator and not who will abuse me in my projects, my parents are alive, including my siblings, they always pray for me, for God to protect me from enemies and honestly, their prayers has become a very strong wall between me and my enemies.

“I am always succeeding in my chosen career of acting, today, I am in India participating in a film as a lead actress, I speak Indian language very well which is a plus for me, the other time I was in New York with powerful singers, I already participated in Nollywood, the name Rahama is now written in the ‘Hall of Fame’ where only great men and women will find space there”, she stated.


  1. Wishing you all the best dear.
    From Bollywood to Hollywood insha Allah
    Be a successful block buster Heroin.
    All the best and wish you success and safe returns back home.

  2. Rahama I’m sorry for you, as a Muslim and you are thinking of people hating you because you doing what will not help you in the world and hereafter. Allah ya kyauta, amma gaskiya kiji tsoron Allah ki Kuma tunanin neman gafarar Allah..


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