Nigeria needs competent leadership, not restructuring – Ex-National Assembly lawmaker

Nigeria needs competent leadership, not restructuring – Ex-National Assembly lawmaker

Nigeria needs competent leadership, not restructuring – Ex-National Assembly lawmaker

An ex-National Assembly lawmaker, Dr Usman Bugaje said restructuring is not the solution to the challenges bedevilling Nigeria, but competent leadership.

Bugaje stated this during the Maitama Sule Leadership lecture series organised by the Students Wing Coalition of Northern Groups in Minna.

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He said for the country to get it right, ”the next group of leaders must have knowledge, experience and character which the group of leadership currently leading the nation lacks”.

Bugaje said “twenty years into democracy, the scale of corruption and poverty is flabbergasting. The trust between the government and the citizens have died. We ask ourselves, why is democracy not working, why is it not delivering what we want? Something needs to be done urgently and that is not about restructuring but a change in leadership.”

The former gubernatorial aspirant of Kastina State also called on the youth not to vote and support any politician blindly but to go for people who have knowledge, experience and character.

“In Nigeria today, politics is not stable. The APC and PDP are the same, that is why one would defect from one party to another and be comfortable there. I want you youths not to go into the 2023 elections blindly. We cannot continue with this type of politics, we can’t continue with this kind of democracy,” the lawmaker said.

Bugaje, who is the convener of Arewa Research Development Projects (ARDP), further urged the youth to mobilise massively and vote for the right leader during the 2023 elections.

A member of the Northern Elders Forum, Dr Saddiq Umar Abubakar in his address claimed that the north would support any Nigerian with character, knowledge and leadership qualities irrespective of the state he or she comes from in the next election.

“We are not particular about a northern leader, Muslim or Christain leader, the leader we will support would have character, capacity and knowledge to drive the nation. We will vote any Nigerian of any extraction who has the competence, courage, and knowledge to move Nigeria forward,” he stated.

Saddiq also advised Nigerians not to blame the north for most of the woes of the country, respect the region as the people have sacrificed a lot for the development of the country.


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