Students accuse Kannywood actor, Adam Zango of deceit, fraud

Students accuse Kannywood actor, Adam Zango of deceit, fraud

Students accuse Kannywood actor, Adam Zango of deceit, fraud

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Over 100 students that famous Kannywood actor, Adam A. Zango promised to sponsor to attend Professor Ango Abdullahi College, Zaria for their secondary school education, are now accusing him of dishonesty and fraud.

Two years ago, Adam Zango visited the late Emir of Zazzau, Dr Shehu Idris and told him that he has budgeted the sum of N47 million in which he intends to sponsor over a hundred students from poor families to Professor Ango Abdullahi College Zaria.

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He added that this is the only way you will assist the less privileged by giving them scholarships to further their education. “I want to give back what the society gave me”, he said.

After that incident, some newspaper editors reached out to Adam Zango to get details of the beneficiaries, and whether he is the one that will pay the 47 million or whether he was acting on behalf of somebody or an association, but he was not answering the text messages or phone calls.

When it was time for students of Ango Abdullahi College to resume classes, the 100 beneficiaries turned up at the college to commence academic exercises but their names were nowhere to be found. They did all they could, to reach Zango but he continued avoiding them, and that is how they missed admission that year.

Since then, they have tried to get across to Adam Zango to know the real position of the sponsorship, but he has been shuttling from Kaduna, Kano and Lagos, where he announced some time ago that he has decided to relocate permanently to the South.

Some of those involved are now thinking of taking legal action against him. Similarly, the lady that Zango is claiming to be his adopted daughter, Ummi Rahab, has concluded an arrangement to take Zango to court for defamation of character. She alleged that Zango approached her for marriage but when she refused, he resorted to blackmailing her by sending her away from his house and dropping her from his films.


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